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So, you’re exploring Yacht Ownership alternatives?

Welcome aboard! You’ve landed in the Yacht-Match harbour, a safe space far away from the big-vendor sales banter & cheap marketing tricks. This is your go-to-place for turnkey solutions for new or used yachts, whether wind, solar, or motor-driven, including charter ownership and management services – all tailored with you in mind.


Searching for unbeatable yacht offers?

Who doesn’t love the thrill of landing the best offer in town? We certainly do!

Whether you're eyeing a brand-new custom-built catamaran or considering a pre-owned sailing or motor yacht, we've got the crème de la crème of deals waiting just for you.

It’s not just talk, we continuously scour offers from vendors and operators, compare them, and handpick the absolute best one on the market - all for you!

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Charter Ownership

Finance your boat or make profits from owning it?

Whether you prefer the traditional aspects of a charter ownership program or the more personal and customisable approach of a charter management agreement, you have the option to compare them both with our unbiased and professional comparison tool and services.

Yacht-Match has advised over 200 professionals and Charter Businesses since early 2006, and is considered an Industry Leader within the field. Charter Ownership Specialists advise you on both the big and small, helping you navigate the intricacies of Charter Ownership.

Traditional Charter Programs aside, have you heard about Flatrate Ownership or Smart & Flexible Ownership? Take our quiz to find out which Charter Ownership Model suits you best!

What does your dream life at sea look like?

Do you love nature and want a quality catamaran for safe & sustainable sailing?

Solar-powered boats with electric propulsion are on the rise, and with Yacht-Match as your partner, you can enjoy the expertise of a naval architect, world-renowned shipyard & specialist team to calculate the performance, speed and energy consumptions for the perfect eco-friendly & cost-effective solution.

Are you looking to convert your current boat, contact us directly instead!

Do you want to sail the world and live onboard permanently?

We’ve helped several globetrotters realise their wish for a home at sea, like Peter Child from the UK. He chose Yacht-Match as his buyer’s agent & consultant and was able to fund his travels around the world by chartering his boat in Thailand.

In 2021, Peter also chose to invest in a second yacht with the success of his catamaran doing so well financially in charter management. His second yacht, a Lagoon 450F, is operating in our base in ACI Marina, Split (Croatia).

Curious to learn more about making money from your boat through Charter Ownership? Click the button below and connect with us to see yacht offers & financing options!

Do you want a regatta-ready racing boat & family cruiser all in one?

Thomas Malm from Sweden hired Yacht-Match to find the best cruiser-racer yacht for him. We handled yacht selection & comparisons, the sourcing, equipment and business model for him.

He now enjoys the tailored ownership and charter management plan of a high-level speed monohull instead of just another standard series-production yacht commonly found in the bareboat charter market. In addition, we handle shoulder-season activities with regatta charter, sailing school yacht management and charter, and corporate events for his Solaris 47.

Do you also crave the thrill of regatta racing, but dread the logistics and management?

Then check out our Regatta Management Services or start the conversation with us to take the first step.

Do you have a big family and long for big blue sea adventures?

Christopher and Rozannah have five young children and started their investigative journey already in 2019. They visited several international boat shows and talked to regional dealers in both Europe and the USA to find a partner that could help them realise their lifelong dream: sailing the world with their children while offering free dentistry to remote islanders.

Today, the family is well underway sailing their fully customised catamaran in our Explorer Program from the east, south, and west Caribbean to the Panama Canal and French Polynesian islands. See their full interview!

Comfortable family-friendly exploration is doable!

With more than 62 bases around the world, your starting point is just one click away. Get in touch with us today to explore your family’s next big adventure and all the possibilities with our Explorer Program.

Introducing Yacht-Match Group

Can you trust Yacht-Match to be your partner?

Committed to quality craftsmanship, services and experiences, we only work with the very best in the industry to bring you the best possible value.

At Yacht-Match Group, we’re a tight-knit crew with over 40 years of experience of the leisure marine industry and luxury travel market. Y-M Yachts & Brokerage are members of:

The Swedish Boating Association SweBoat
The British Marine

As well as:

Yacht-Match team
We have registered companies in Sweden, England, the Netherlands, Germany and Croatia, from where we have our offices and marinas, each one a beacon of excellence in the leisure marine industry.

Y-M Yachts & Brokerage is an official representative for several highly renowned and award-winning European shipyards, and we’re trusted with being their official dealers and distributors for both multihull and monohull power boats- and sailing yachts.

How do we exceed your expectations?

Do you know what happens when a service provider doesn’t provide impeccable service? They go out of business. This is why in our network, splendid service isn’t just a buzzword– it’s a promise.

From sales & after-market installations to rentals of motor- & and sailing yachts, we've got you covered on a global scale. You can choose any yacht you want and we’ll manage your purchase, the equipment, warranty, delivery and after-sales concerns for you.

We only work closely together with quality assured operators who hold the same values, of which the main one is to overperform the expectations of the client. Tell us what you crave and desire, and we’ll turn that into a reality for you.

Many of our clients come back time and again with their next purchase or upgrade. Read Eric & Lauren's Story, having owned 9 yachts previously when partnering with us!

We’re not a vendor, we’re your partner in all-things-yachting.

It’s not the destination - it’s the journey

Who is going to tell you if not we?

No big traditional vendor will. They only care about making the sale – not making you a better informed decision-maker. We do the exact opposite. 

At Yacht-Match, our mission is crystal clear: to equip you with the knowledge and hindsights a third-time yacht owner has and turn you into a confident & satisfied boat owner.

Personal Consultancy

This is the reason why all our services are rooted in a Personalised Consultancy, where you can enjoy unbiased advisory, comprehensive boat & program comparisons, and much more!

Devoted Partner

Choose Yacht-Match as your partner in all-things-yachting, and brace yourself for a yacht ownership experience that's nothing short of all-things-extraordinary. Let’s connect!

Your're in control

You never have to feel fooled, hoodwinked or coerced into ill-fitting deals that don’t fit you 100% again. With Yacht-Match’s by your side, you’re in control. Transparent communication, pricing, and policies are cornerstones in our collaboration.

True perfect fit

The concept is refreshingly simple - we're dedicated to finding you the perfect match and nothing less. Our measure of success? Your own yacht ownership experience with us, not the volume we move.