Lagoon 46

New Lagoon Model With Remarkable Voluminous Hulls

Key Highlights:

Bold, clearly recognisable Lagoon design 
Mast stepped further back enables bigger fore sails 
Opening centre window at the front of the saloon 
Front cockpit and trampolines 
Aft cockpit with large outside kitchen and lounge sofa 


Lagoon 46

Hull length

45'11'' / 13.99 m.





The beautiful Lagoon 46 yacht in the water next to a cliff with trees.
The luxurious family yacht Lagoon 46 in water.
World Premier January 2019! The Most Anticipated Release From The Lagoon Shipyard Will Replace Their Most Popular 45ft Model.

VPLP design’s office accomplished the perfect balance between the different living spaces. The 46 combines modular front and aft cockpits, a complete cooking area at the back, a practical and safe access to the sea, still giving Nauta Design large volumes in the salon to fully express themselves.

Charter Ownership & Management Information

...enhanced by Yacht-Match

PROPOSAL ID: 2018004

Yacht-Match Opportunity


Layout & Equipment Flexiblity

Semi Custom

Suggested Management Category


Berth & Sailing Destination

Optional To Choose

Yacht Category
Yacht Brand


Yacht Type




Available with Leasing


Proposal Highlights

Rare Opportunity: Get your hands on one of the two Lagoon 46 catamarans ordered with delivery in 2019!
Special Condition: Part of defined Yacht-Match Programs or design your own Charter Ownership!
Special Condition: New Lagoon Catamaran Model - Launch January 2019!
Special Condition: Rare & Unique availibility for delivery in 2019


March 30th, 2019

Proposal Specifics

Projected yearly income:€52- 60k depending on Owners usage
Yearly Expected Value of your Sailing weeks during charter:44 770€
Total Value of your yacht managment after 6 years:ca 684 000€
Type of Management:Charter management
Yacht-Match Club & Concierge Service:Optional (Holiday Program and WorldWide sailing destinations)
Duration:Optional 2-10 years

Financing available: 35-55% down-payment required. Flexible leasing lenght and payment structure. 

Price Equipped Yacht


545 000€

Included: Brokerage Support
Included: Insurance
Included: Professional Maintenance
Included: Winter Service
Optional: Trade In -& Buy-Back Option
Optional: Available with owners version
Optional: Fully customisable layout


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Considering buying the Lagoon 46? Here’s som additional information regarding yacht charter ownership and management.

What is yacht ownership?

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Pros of owning a yacht

Instead of worrying about the type, availability or the cost of yacht charter – you can own a yacht and even earn from it! An option to consider is fractional yacht ownership, where you have a share in the boat – you share the yacht costs and the proceeds with others. Owning a charter boat relieves you from the maintenance, helps you to offset the costs, gives you a chance to sail in different locations… If you don’t believe us, you can read charter yacht ownership reviews from real boat owners! There are plenty out there.