Lagoon 42

Bold And Voluminous, With Remarkable Sailing Capacities

Key Highlights:

Bold design with signature superstructure 
L-sofa and U-galley diagonally opposite to one another 
Self tacking jib makes single-handed sailing possible 
Two of in total four heads with separate showers 
Improved look and feel of the interior 


Lagoon 42

Hull length

41'99"/ 12,80 m





This New Member Of The Lagoon Family Has Style And A Strong Personality.

While keeping a family resemblance and retaining the main features of the latest generation of Lagoons, this model shows us a new path: unhurried evolution, a new "organic" approach, in search of harmony between living space and man.

Charter Ownership & Management Information

...enhanced by Yacht-Match

PROPOSAL ID: 2018005

Yacht-Match Opportunity

Special Deal

Layout & Equipment Flexiblity

Semi Custom

Suggested Management Category


Berth & Sailing Destination

Optional To Choose

Yacht Category
Yacht Brand


Yacht Type




Available with Leasing


Proposal Highlights

Rare Opportunity: Reserve now and get your hands on one of the two Lagoon 42 catamarans ordered with delivery in 2019.
Special Condition: Available with Yacht-Match Investment Programme with up to 17.1% in yearly return and expected bail-out of 67% of resale vaue
Special Condition: Rare & Unique availability for delivery in 2019
Special Condition:  Available with owner's version


April 30th, 2019

Proposal Specifics

Projected yearly income:45 000€
Yearly Expected Value of your Sailing weeks during charter:35 440€
Total Value of your yacht managment after 6 years:482 640€
Type of Management:Charter management
Yacht-Match Club & Concierge Service:Option
Duration:Optional 2-10 years

Financing available: 35-55% down-payment required. Flexible leasing lenght and payment structure. 

Price Equipped Yacht


443 000€

Included: Brokerage Support
Included: Insurance
Included: Professional Maintenance
Included: Winter Service
Optional: Trade In -& Buy-Back Option
Optional: Available with owners version
Optional: Fully customisable layout


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Considering buying the Lagoon 42? Here’s some additional information regarding yacht charter ownership and management.

What is yacht ownership?

You can own a boat in the traditional way, you can own a shared yacht with a friend, or you can own a yacht in charter. Either you do all the work yourself or someone else takes care of the yacht management. There are as many ways to own a boat as there are people, and there is a lot to take into account. Can you make money chartering a yacht? What is a yacht programme? What is fractional yachting? Get answers to these questions and advice on yacht ownership! Get in touch now!

Pros of owning a yacht

Instead of worrying about the type, availability or the cost of yacht charter – you can own a yacht and even earn from it! An option to consider is fractional yacht ownership, where you have a share in the boat – you share the yacht costs and the proceeds with others. Owning a charter boat relieves you from the maintenance, helps you to offset the costs, gives you a chance to sail in different locations… If you don’t believe us, you can read charter yacht ownership reviews from real boat owners! There are plenty out there.