Excess 15

Key Highlights:

The embodiment of sportmanship 
Inspired by racing, built for cruising 
The Excess 15 gives you the unique opportunity to transform your cockpit to suit your desires. 
The Excess 15 has an assertive and qualitative personality that breaks with the codes of traditional sailboats.  


Excess 15

Hull length

46’11” / 14.31 m.





World Premier January 2019! The Most Anticipated Release From The CNB Shipyard

"Designed for all those who dream of a cruising catamaran which offers real sailing sensations. Aboard this catamaran you will experience a lot of emotions: aesthetic and sporting. Her contemporary interior, very bright, open to the outside and her latest-generation rig promise beautiful sailing and a feeling of pleasure at sea." - From the Excess Catamaran website

Charter Ownership & Management Information

...enhanced by Yacht-Match

PROPOSAL ID: Ask for your tailored ownership solution - available for delivery in 2020

Yacht-Match Opportunity

Yes - only bespoke offers!

Layout & Equipment Flexiblity

Semi Custom - Adaptable to your needs (3.4.6 cabin options)

Suggested Management Category

Family & Explorer

Berth & Sailing Destination

World-wide - Optional To Choose

Yacht Category
Yacht Brand


Yacht Type




Available with Leasing


Proposal Highlights

Rare Opportunity: Get your hands on one of the two new Excess catamarans ordered with delivery in 2020!
Special Condition: Part of defined Yacht-Match Programs or design your own Charter Ownership!
Special Condition: New Catamaran Model - Launch September 2019!
Special Condition: Rare & Unique availibility for delivery in 2020!


Proposal Specifics

Projected yearly income:Depending on Owners usage ca €68 000 (ITALY/CROATIA/GREECE) & €85 000 (THAILAND/ CARIBBEAN)
Yearly Expected Value of your Sailing weeks during charter:44 770€
Total Value of your yacht managment after 6 years:ca 684 000€
Type of Management:Tailored - Charter managemenT or our EXPLORER MANAGEMENT
Yacht-Match Club & Concierge Service:Optional (Holiday Program and WorldWide sailing destinations)
Duration:Optional 2-10 years

Financing available: 35-55% down-payment required. Flexible leasing lenght and payment structure. 

Price Equipped Yacht


On request

Included: Brokerage Support
Included: Insurance
Included: Professional Maintenance
Included: Winter Service
Optional: Trade In -& Buy-Back Option
Optional: Available with owners version
Optional: Fully customisable layout


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Before your departure: We will provide a limited proposal and unique yacht offer tailored to your wishes
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Considering buying the Excess 15 catamaran? Here’s som additional information regarding yacht charter ownership and management.

What is yacht ownership?

You can own a boat in the traditional way, you can own a shared yacht with a friend, or you can own a yacht in charter. Either you do all the work yourself or someone else takes care of the yacht management. There are as many ways to own a boat as there are people, and there is a lot to take into account. Can you make money chartering a yacht? What is a yacht programme? What is fractional yachting? Get answers to these questions and advice on yacht ownership! Get in touch now!

Pros of owning a yacht

Instead of worrying about the type, availability or the cost of yacht charter – you can own a yacht and even earn from it! An option to consider is fractional yacht ownership, where you have a share in the boat – you share the yacht costs and the proceeds with others. Owning a charter boat relieves you from the maintenance, helps you to offset the costs, gives you a chance to sail in different locations… If you don’t believe us, you can read charter yacht ownership reviews from real boat owners! There are plenty out there.