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Yacht-Match Network – gathers the top Yacht Sales opportunities on the yacht charter market – from our network of yacht dealers, brokers, agents, and our trusted charter operators.
With your preferences in mind, we tailor an optimal charter ownership. We are experts in charter ownership & yacht management.
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What if you could have a dedicated purchasing consultant who will do all the work for you?
For a truly tailored solution, one where we offer our full consultancy service, you will receive your personal yacht advisor & purchaser. Yacht-Match will investigate all the possibilities and ensure you receive benchmarked proposals where you will know for sure that you will make an optimal choice and investment.
  • Exact best fit

    100% what you want & need

  • Unmatched Solutions

    Outperforming mainstream charter ownership.

  • Your Boat – Your Preferences

    Not a program nor scheme, but a solution for you

  • Optimal Investment

    Become informed & empowered with freedom of choice

Match Your Offer – a second opinion
We help you to understand the ins-and-outs of the offers on the market and comparing them with what is best for you!

Whether your interest is in the performance orientated yachts or a comfortable cruising yacht optimal for charter, you can count on us helping you with comparing the best yacht model for you, without you being overwhelmed by salespeople and marketing jargon.
Charter Ownership Programmes – enhanced by Yacht-Match
Are you considering yacht charter ownership and found many of the standard offers and programs from bigger vendors and charter operators are duplicates and not suitable for your wishes?

Yacht-Match has developed several pre-selected programs to better suit the needs of a yacht owner today.
The programs combine the benefits and strengths of charter ownership, with personal customisation – without losing any of the benefits of major standardised programs.

Yacht Sales & latest Campaigns in the Yacht Charter Market

Rare Opportunities: Timely Delivery Season 2020 & 2021

Below you have the list of available deliveries for 2020 & 2021.
Contact us for more details about the specification, available charter program, financing and offer of the yach.
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the elegant Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 sailing with wind in its sail towards the camera a sunny day

Beneteau Oceanis 46.1

*Length: 47’9″ / 14,60 m
*Capacity: 10
*Cabins: 5
*Type: Monohull Cruising
*Class: Family / Luxury / Explorer

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Couple enojying the Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 while crusing through the waves

Beneteau Oceanis 51.1

*Length: 50’62” / 15,43 m
*Capacity: 10+2
*Cabins: 5+1
*Type: Monohull Cruising
*Class: Family

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yacht 62

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

*Length: 59’5’’ / 18,13 m
*Capacity: 10+2
*Cabins: 5+1
*Type: Monohull / Multihull Cruising
*Class: Luxury

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Dufour 530 2020 performance arial view

Dufour 530 Grand Large

*Length: 50’9″ / 15,5 m.
*Capacity: 6-12
*Cabins: 3-6
*Type: Monohull Cruising
*Class: Family

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Dufour 61 Yacht-Match

Dufour 61

Length: 60’/ 18,3 m.
Capacity: 6-8
Cabins: 3
Type: Sailing yacht

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Dufour Catamaran 48

*Length: 46’58” / 14.20 m
*Capacity: 10+2
*Cabins: 5+1
*Type: Multihull Cruising
*Class: Family / Luxury

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Couple enjoying a romantic evening aboard the Dufour Exclusive 56

Dufour Exclusive 56

*Length: 53’5″ / 16,3 m
*Capacity: 7
*Cabins: 3
*Type: Monohull Cruising
*Class: Family / Luxury

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dufour 390 sailing starboard

Dufour Grand Large 390

*Length: 40′ / 12 m
*Capacity: 6
*Cabins: 3
*Type: Monohull Cruising
*Class: Family

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Dufour 430 Grand Large in action with wind in its sail, going fast ahead on a sunny day

Dufour Grand Large 430

*Length: 43’43” / 13,24 m
*Capacity: 8+2
*Cabins: 4
*Type: Monohull Cruising
*Class: Family

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Yacht-Match Network – gathers the top Yacht Sales opportunities on the charter market: from our network of yacht dealers, brokers, agents, and our trusted charter operators. 

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