Yacht-Match hosts an exclusive wine tasting and dinner event for the selected Preferred Partners

Yacht-Match wine tasting event 2022

In the exclusive B2B event that will take place on September 7th, 2022 during the Cannes Yachting Festival, Yacht-Match will present its Preferred Partner Program aimed at creating fruitful B2B collaborations within the yachting industry and to strengthen the partner network activities.

We invite you to nothing less than to taste the world’s best rosé wines by the Maison Moët Hennessy followed by a 4-course dinner at the region’s best truffle restaurant.

The event will consist of 2 parts:

  1. Wine Tasting at Château d’Esclans
  2. Dinner at Chez Bruno

Details about the locations:

Château d’Esclans: the secret of the world’s best rosé wine, from the inside

Chateau dEsclans

From this wonderful estate in the heart of Provence, whose château is surrounded by vineyards, the ‘Rosé Renaissance’, the movement that has made this type of wine a real object of desire all over the world, began to take shape.

But what makes these rosés so special?

  1. The place

The raw materials and winemaking processes, the use of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled technique have been responsible for the unprecedented growth of the rosé category in Provence, arguably the most glamorous vineyard in France, and not only because of its proximity to the Côte d’Azur.

  1. The terroir

Within the rosé wine category, Provençal wines stand out for their pleasant taste, their ability to please all types of palates, their refreshing, fruity and aromatic character, and also because they are a reflection of the terroir where they are born.

  1. The technology

At Château d’Esclans, rosé is vinified in the same way as the finest wines in the world, using state-of-the-art technology. Such as the sorting machine with ‘optical eyes’ and nitrogen that prevents oxidation, the exclusive and distinctive barrel fermentation process with individual temperature control, or its unique assemblage approach, which mixes the traditional with the modern and allows the creation of the different expressions of the winery’s rosés.

  1. La vie en rose

Not many rosé producers have such a variety of brands and wine categories on the market as Château d’Esclans, with different personalities, elaborations, levels of intensity, and of course, with a very wide price range (the most exclusive rosés of the house can, and do, reach three figures). The world famous and award winning wines of the house are for example The Palm, Whispering Angel, Rock Angel, Les Clans or Garrus – the world´s most prestigious rosé wine!

We are happy to offer our guests the outstanding experience to taste them!

Bruno Restaurant: “The Emperor of the Truffle” that attracts and seduces

Bruno Restaurant

Bruno is a Haute French Cuisine Restaurant that is famous as the guardian of the region’s culinary traditions and the “creator of verve”. Bruno’s speciality are dishes with seasonal truffles, which our guests will taste in a specially designed 4-course truffle menu.

Be part of this amazing one-time B2B event organised by Yacht-Match and confirm your place!

Note: This exclusive event is limited to a small group of 30 guests, therefore the places are much in demand. Be quick to reserve your place, which is completely free for you upon your personal invitation received from Yacht-Match.

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