Internship: Content Manager & Digital Marketing Intern

Yacht-Match has two (2) openings for an exciting internship – a unique opportunity to be part of developing a growing start-up company within the yacht and travel industry! We are a small team with offices in Helsingborg (SWE), London (U.K) and Amsterdam (NLD). If you are looking for an amazing internship with great responsibility, we want you!

Looking for a rewarding internship?

Hands on experience in an international environment

We give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and gain practical skills in digital marketing, SEO, digital communication as well as increasing website conversion.

The internship suits you if you like to work creatively and business-wise with new digital strategies, target group -and channel analyses to develop a company’s digital information flow.

We are a global company with partners all over the world, with various exciting commercial product and services, offering you an exciting and challenging test-ground to home your skills and learn from.

Implement and develop a inbound marketing strategy

You will be an important part in developing a company that provides consultancy and expert advice for yacht buyers that will invest in a motor or sailing yachts in the Mediterranean and various hotspot sailing destinations around the world.

You will also be involved in developing and implementing strategies that lead to attracting and engaging with the correct target group. You will be combining your understanding of SEO strategies and the methodology for inbound marketing.

Yacht-Match primarily uses HubSpot as it’s governing tool for digital campaigns and content management and planning. 

Tutoring and Mentorship

Viktor van Savooyen (Sales Manager) and Dirk Agter (B2B Sales & Market Manager), will be supervising and supporting you throughout the internship period. Yacht-Match uses external consultants and mentors to develop its team on a continuous basis. You will be part of both a in-house team and an external team that will be contributing to your development. This means a continuous reconciliation between the student and the supervisor where we jointly manage work tasks and projects.

Your Opportunity and Success

We would like to welcome an energetic and enthusiastic marketing coordinator to join our small dynamic team in the travel -& yachting industry. The Marketing Coordinator will work closely alongside the marketing manager and sales staff.

The successful candidate for this role should have genuine interest in digital marketing and enjoys writing and creating engaging. We believe that a keen mindset and a healthy dose of eagerness to learn is most important!  If you enjoy traveling, have affinity with sailing, like working in an international environment, aspire a job with high-level of freedom and responsibility, and you are a natural doer – the internship at Yacht-Match could open the doors to so much more! 😉

Through supervision, the student will primarily practice:

Hubspot Marketing

Set up Marketing processes and Marketing automation schedules – get full access to the leading digital inbound marketing tool on the market!

Marketing on Facebook

You will be working with the latest news on advertising tips, best practices and case studies for using Facebook to meet your Yacht-Match overall business goals and content strategy.

Google Ads

An opportunity to focus on optimising ads and campaigns – as part of your own project or part of greater campaign strategy.

Google Analytics

Analyse data and develop processes for increased conversion – the never ending cycle of a well adopted content management.


Create selling and informative SEO custom copy

SEO Strategy

Research and find the correct Keywords / Long-tails for the European market

The Content Manager Intern

The internship will make you technically savvy, well versed in the possibilities of digitalisation, learn to analyse, think strategically and understand business. You must understand where we are going to best utilise all the new opportunities that come with the rapid technological advancement. That is why we offer this internship for those who want to lead and develop fantastic content strategies for a very exciting digital future.

The Digital Marketing Intern

You will be an important part of the team that works with designing and developing our website. The aim is to drive traffic to the website and create a great user experience that will lead to increased conversion rate. You will work directly for the project manager and CEO, and there is a possibility you will get ownership of some projects.

Through supervision and in consultation with your tutor, you will also get the chance to practice:

- Instagram/Facebook/Youtube/Blog/LinkedIn: Create inspiring and informative content on our social media channels to create awareness of our brand and what we offer. Also creating Ads for Facebook and Instagram.

- Mailchimp &/ HubSpot Email: Produce newsletters for both B2C and B2B for our global customer and partner network.

- Photoshop och Indesign: Produce graphic material for the website and in our social media channels.

Duration of the internship & prerequisite

We are flexible with the time and arrangement of the internship. It must be at least two months.

As an intern at Yacht-Match, you will get valuable working experience for your future career. You get the chance to take on responsibility and put the theories you have learned into practice. In addition, you get to be part of an exciting journey and create success for a start-up company.

Good knowledge of English, both in speech and writing, is a requirement as much of the communication takes place in English. It is a merit (but no requirement) with language proficiency in German, French or any of the Scandinavian languages.

Skills and knowledge after completed internship

Do you have interest in both of our internship roles?

Apply now and together we can create a customised internship for you – get the best out of your internship when working with your areas of interest!
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