Yacht Charter Program Phase-Out Management

What is a professional Phase-Out & Handover Management:

The Yacht Charter Program Phase-Out Management is a professional handover management and service for yacht owners of a yacht that is being phased out from its charter management/program and ownership. The service is in place to assist and serve you as the boat owner with a professional project lead handover management of the yacht for immediate mediation/brokerage and/or with the option of extension into new charter management.

The Handover management includes:

Create a handover management check-list 

Manage and mediate between the charter company/ and other relevant third-party providers

Provide assistance and manage legal and tax support*

Managing the surveyor/handover: overseeing the prior service log and the survey prior to the handover. 

Managing handling of the boat: the papers, registration, hand-over procedure from the charter company, making sure the yacht is insured, and that that yacht is unencumbered from any debt or claims.

Managing After-Market Options & Equipment for Charter: sourcing, preparations, and installations.

Managing transport of the boat to the matching base 


Offering and handling insurance requests.  

Additional Support and Services:

The handover management will ensure that you have a team of professional working for you to ensure that you will receive a yacht that is adequality repaired and maintained and that you will have additional options to consider to either extended your sailing vacations with us or out your yacht up for sale and receive brokerage support with a list price that is above what would offered by the charter company.
Refinancing & Charter Management Leasing

Together with our partner SeaLease, an international bank specialised in loans and leasing for yachts operated in charter, we can offer you to re-finance your yacht in combination with our charter management we can offer you a new Charter Ownership Program with predefined ownership weeks and terms/length that is defined by the income from the charter operations to cover the cost of ownership and financing.

Charter Management

We have a Vagabond series of yachts we manage for charter ownership in our worldwide fleet. Together with our preferred partners of independent boutique charter operator, that form the Y-M Charter & Managment’s list of preferred partners, we can offer to extend the life of your yacht in charter ownership up to 12 years. We are able to offer the operations and/or tailored charter management of your yacht in over 40 destinations worldwide.

Brokerage of your yacht

Our last three (3) yachts we have sold for our clients using the full handover management has ensure the boats where sold an average of 40% more than the offer from the charter company or if the yacht would be listed “as is” by the charter company.

Refitting & After-Market Equipment

Should you wish to refit your yacht with new or other after-market options, Yacht-Match has a dedicated after-market department and can provide you options for equipment and we also perform the installation and offer the after-sales.

Why use a professional handover management?

Value depreciation and risking the vessels integrity

If your yacht has been part of a yacht charter ownership program and the yacht has been under operation with a leasing, part-financing, or simply just operated with a point/program system in place offered by the charter business, it’s more than likely that its has suffered unnecessary wear and damage due to lack of (or even negligence) professional maintenance and following warranty-service protocols.

The effects of negligent maintenance and the business model that goes into chartering your boat in a charter program will have significant effect on the re-sale value of your yacht or functioning and esthetical properties of your yacht if you consider keeping the yacht for private use.

Risk of receiving a yacht with defaults and no proper documentation

The phase-out period and handover has been described by many boat owners as very stressful and can be very costly. You risk receiving a yacht:

Daunting Task – time & energy consuming

The task of knowing what to do and undergoing the phase-out and handover itself can be daunting for many as the sheer time spent in managing several service providers that you need to coordinate to help you is so complicated and costly, that most charter companies know this and therefore pressure you to sell your back to them at under-market value or to accept the boat as it is.

Knowing your options and keeping them open

Many boat owners facing the last season and near their contract termination also dent know what their options are and what they do after with their yacht.

With the right documentation and the yacht having been refitted and phased-out properly, your yacht would eligible for an extend life with an independent charter company. This would mean that you are able to re-finance your yacht and use a charter management agreement with an independent charter company to help you with the operations and leasing payments.

The proper handover management will also ensure that you can put your yacht on the market for sale for the price above the average sales price offered by the charter company and those yachts representative of their fleet.
Using a professional team with industry knowledge and with specialist will ensure that you will have options to consider and that you will have a yacht that will hold a higher resale value and most importantly is in a good condition.

Who are we?

Viktor van Savooyen and Dirk Agter, the founding partners of Yacht-Match has since 2023 worked alongside Johan Odelberg, to form the Yacht Charter Program Phase-Out Management and improve on the past 4 years existing experience gained from helping boat owners existing charter programs.
VIKTOR languages_ym
Viktor van Savooyen
Yacht Purchase Advisor & Consultant

Before starting Yacht-Match, he was a sales manager for Navigare Yachting where he worked closely alongside the co-founder in the growth years of the company. It was also here where he met his future-business partner Dirk Agter.

“I wanted to reconnect with the essence of what yachting is: craftmanship, enthusiastic and passionate people, thoughtful and like-minded world citizens. It’s a privilege to represent many unique and professional partners and share their expertise. Not to mention being able to guide and help our customers to find the perfect yacht and realise their dreams.”

Yacht-Match Group

Dirk Agter
Yacht Purchase Advisor & Consultant

On the professional side, Dirk has worked in the leisure marine business since 1988. He has built his career through various positions: yacht broker, dealer, charter business manager, dealer manager, independent sales manager and now co-founder of Yacht-Match.

“My main drive is to help people with making decisions with honest advice. I’m raised not to be competitive at the cost of others, but to seek cooperation with mutual benefit.”

Yacht-Match Group

johan update lang
Johan Odelberg
Project leader

After project management in the pharmaceutical industry Johan’s passion for sailing have brought him and his skills to the marine sports arena. Making sure all deliverables are being met.

“After hand-over of my own sailing catamaran I realized the large gap between what the charter company were obliged to deliver and what the actually did, substantial value in between.”

Yacht-Match Group

How It All Started

In 2021 and 2022, Viktor and Dirk where consistently approached by many boat owners they have helped in their previous commitments as sales and business managers for Navigare Yachting. Many of these boat owners where nearing their end of contracts with Navigare Yachting and Dream Yacht Charters. One of these boat owners was Johan Odelberg.

Together with Yacht-Match, Johan’s boat was successfully phase-out and later handed over to its new owner (buyer). During this time, Johan and the core team of Yacht-Match formed a strong bond and decided to “perfect” the hand over management, with the help of the Johan’s past experience as an international project manager and their recent experience with managing the handover of his yacht leaving a charter program.

Dirk and Viktor journey started already in 2014, when Viktor was a sales manager of Navigare Yachting and Dirk was a charter business manager at a German shipyard, Hanse Yachts (Group). Dirk, Johan and Viktor, sat together to speak about the industry and exchanged views and experience form both side. The one side of the industry professionals Dirk and Viktor, and the other side was Johan’s experience as a boat owner in a charter program and recently undergone the whole phase-out and exit.

We realized we need to share our knowledge and educate boat owners and our clients about all the available options. We need to put people in focus – listen to their needs and wants. We want to help people to find their perfect yacht and make their yachting plans possible, on their terms.

Together we wanted to offer boat owner in the same situation as Johan and all those before him that where helped by the team of Yacht-Match, to receive professional guidance and relieve them of the painstaking -and energy consuming task of dealing with their charter business and risk of being mislead and dealt further damage to the value of their and potential to continue their yachting plans.

johan update lang
Johan Odelberg
Project Leader

After project management in the pharmaceutical industry Johan’s passion for sailing have brought him and his skills to the marine sports arena. Making sure all deliverables are being met.

Yacht-Match Group

VIKTOR languages_ym
Viktor van Savooyen
Yacht Purchase Advisor & Consultant

Our co-founder and a well merited broker and purchase advisor within the yacht charter management market.

Yacht-Match Group

Dirk Agter
Yacht Purchase Advisor & Consultant

Our co-founder and an acknowledged yachtsman with over 35 years of experience in the leisure marine industry working for the largest shipyards and acting an independent yachting consultant.

Yacht-Match Group

Daria Petrova
Yacht Charter & Charter Management Advisor

Our yacht charter agent -and charter manager with 20 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge if the yacht charter market.

Yacht-Match Charter & Management

Inez Stertefeld
Technical Sales Coordinator & After-Sales

Our customer relationship coordinator and a true adventurer and avid sailor dedicated to making sure all of our boatowners are taken care off and their yachts.

Yacht-Match Yachts & Brokerage

Luka Language profile
Luka Prazic
Naval architect & sustainability advocate

Luka makes the calculations needed to find the perfect eco-friendly solution for you, matching your criteria for the boat’s performance and energy efficiency down to the exact detail.

Yacht-Match Yachts & Brokerage

Your trusted partner

Yacht-Match Charter & Management is one of four branches within the Yacht-Match Group, a dynamic collaboration of companies within the leisure marine industry and the luxury travel market with international credentials.

We have registered companies with their own offices and marinas strategically located in key European countries, including Sweden, England, the Netherlands, Germany, and Croatia. Our global presence allows us to effectively support our clients from anywhere in the world.

What is Phase-Out or Exit of Charter Ownership Program?

Phase-Out Period

In the eyes of the charter company you, their definition is that the phase-out signifies the period when the yacht is being prepared to be handover over to you. They will want this period to be over in 30 days and does not offer any independent survey nor do the accept the handover to anyone else than who is named in the contract between them and you.

I most cases, the phase out period begins after the last charter on the yacht. The yacht has been blocked for bookings when the phase out date has been confirmed. Usually, the phase out period takes 30 days. The technical team of the charter company at the base is responsible for managing the phase out process. In some cases, the charter company has a boat owner representative or service called a “concierge” that manages the communication at the best of their knowledge.

Your project manager

At this time, your project manager Johan Odelberg and the team from Yacht-Match that manages the “The Yacht Charter Program Phase-Out Management is appointed by you and with a power of attorney is representing you as an independent contractor. We have all the contact details to the charter companies and the people in charge for this process to run smoothly.

Some of our latest Handover-Projects:

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Read frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.

May be convenient, but the yacht will most likely be sold “as is”, including value reducing factors that should be fixed by the charter company.

Yes, a certified surveyor will provide the third-party statement that will identify the repair gap to be supplied by the charter company.

The most obvious may not be stated, for example, repairs and service needs to be done according to professional standards and manufacturers advice.

Yes, but any given component needs be functional and not broken in any way. If any part has been replaced original parts or equivalent must be used.

This can only be visible by evaluating the gap after performing a survey.

There have been several examples where repairs and replacements have not been documented in service history logs. Best way to find out is by performing a thorough survey.

That is good, but if not professionally done this will be reflected in the sales price.

In several examples major items of considerable value have never been installed or are missing.

No, you do not need to accept incomplete or unprofessional repairs made by the charter company’s technicians.

Often service is delivered by uncertified technicians employed by the charter company, this is unsatisfactory.

Great, but is the quality of repairs satisfactory, often repairs are done in a haste to assure next charter, then not followed up with complete repair between seasons.

Generally service to be done after 5 to 7 years have not been performed.

Generally care has been taken by technicians not qualified in any one specific discipline, this is not satisfactory according to contract.

By delegating the task to a professional consultant you can stay out of all dealings with the charter company.

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