Why you should choose local charter fleet operators


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for charter ownership or owning a yacht to begin with. Moreover, many of the standardised options out there aren’t good enough.

Not if you ask us.

Therefore, we work with independent and local charter fleet operators to create tailored solutions to owning a yacht in charter.

How do we do this?

Yacht Match giving explaining why choose yacht charter fleet operators

So, we have partnered with smaller niche charter operators, that we have carefully chosen. The selection is not only based on their background, expertise in the industry, high level of service, but also customer reviews and other characteristics.

This way we can ensure that you and your yacht will be in good hands.

So why choose independent, local charter fleet operators?
Here’s a few reasons:

Personal Service

Most independent charter fleet operators in our network are family businesses. The company is not run by boards but by people. The business may already have been passed on through generations, and you will often meet the next one that is soon to take over.

When you or charter guests arrive to your yacht, you get a warm welcome – often by the owners themselves. Also, the staff is always there to help you and do their best in solving ad hoc issues or requests.

Not to say the bigger companies won’t do this, but with smaller charter operators the relationship goes often beyond customer-business. You are treated like family – you are family.

Small things make a big difference. Introducing you to the local customs and community, providing small touches here and there. Knowing each other by name, you and the crew, locals and visitors alike.

Knowledge and expertise

The charter fleet operator is not only based but from the certain area, which means they know about the city or town and its surroundings, the people and how things work there.

They give you tips about secret spots, when to go where to meet the crowds or avoid them. They also tell you the best times to visit the destination or the attractions.

Whether it’s about weather patterns, tides, interesting places to explore or activities to try – you’ll always have an expert guide helping you.

If you would like to read reviews and compare different charter fleet operators, we suggest you do it here.

Quality Maintenance

Smaller charter companies might have less staff working for them, but the fleet is often smaller as well. You can say it’s definitely quality over quantity here.

The whole staff is often a tight family – by blood or by choice – resulting in loyal and dedicated workers. They also contribute to developing the customer experience and ensuring the consistency in maintenance.

Most importantly, local charter fleet operators take care of the boats like they are their own, ensuring they are of top quality and fully equipped. What more could you ask for?

During the winter service and with ongoing seasonal maintenance, the attention to detail is also more intricate. A smaller charter operator has a high percentage of loyal charter customers, who expect well-maintained yachts with specific layout and level of equipment.

Moreover, the local and independent charter companies can have a yacht in their fleet for 7-12 years, and it could still be one of the most popular yachts for charter bookings.

Not necessarily because of the lower price, but because of the close relationship between base managers, technical personal and the yacht owner, resulting in a remarkably well-maintained yacht.

New isn’t always better!

Managing risks

If the market is fluctuating, and the charter bookings for the season are expected to be low, the smaller charter companies are often better prepared. They don’t have an oversized fleet and a lot of yacht investors to answer for.

The result: less wear and tear on the yachts and also less complaints from charter guests!

On the contrary, bigger charter companies have naturally a great deal of investors and guaranteed programs to account for. This results in pressuring the teams within the organisation and ultimately the yachts.

Invest in your business

Whether you choose to call it niche, small and local operator have a common trait: they discover what they are good at and focus on that. They keep learning and developing, becoming better at what they do.

Instead of competing with lower prices and newer boat models, local charter fleet operators stay true to their core values and aim to delight their customers with their uniqueness. In return, they get returning customers year after year.

“You are investing in your and theirs business, a family’s life work, rather than only buying a boat.”

When you invest in a yacht in charter management with one of our partner operators, you are investing in their business, a family’s life work, rather than only buying a boat.

You support local communities as well as originality and variety on the market, where companies are becoming more and more alike.

Do you want to learn more about the financing and how to make profit when owning a yacht? Read more here:

How do I finance buying a boat in charter?

So how can Yacht-Match help you?

Yacht-Match is not a sales-driven company. We are a consultancy company with the aim to give you a better overview of the options and become better informed.

The Yacht-Match Network consist of +40 regional yacht dealers, +14 specialised financial institutes.

Also, the majority of the renowned European shipyards and a selected group of independent charter operators, serve the purpose of supplying our boat owners with an individual and customised version of the traditional charter ownership.

We understand that there is a lot to consider in your planning phase to invest in a charter management yacht.

That is why, as part of the Yacht-Matching, we offer you the best introduction possible to your new lifestyle – we arrange a charter week with your chosen yacht and the operator that we have matched to your preferences.

All set to go for the best introduction to your new lifestyle?

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