Unlock the Market

your personal Yacht Advisor & Purchaser

Would you like to find out what is truly possible when you combine +30 years of experience and the expertise of niche charter operators?

How can we Offer Advice and at what value?

Dedicated Consultant

Investigate & Optimize

What if you could have a dedicated purchasing consultant who will do all the work for you?

For a truly tailored solution, one where we offer our full consultancy service, you will receive your personal yacht advisor & purchaser.

Yacht-Match will investigate all the possibilities and ensure you receive benchmarked proposals where you will know for sure that you will make an optimal choice and investment.

Exact Best Fit

100% what you want & need.

Unmatched Solutions

Outperforming mainstream Charter Ownership.

Your Boat – Your Preferences

Not a program nor scheme, but a solution for you.

Optimal Investment

Become informed & empowered with freedom of choice.

Match Your Offer – A Second Opinion

We help you to understand the ins and outs of the offers on the market and compare them with what is best for you!

Whether your interest is in performance-orientated yachts or a comfortable cruising yacht optimal for charter, you can count on us to help you with comparing the best yacht model for you, without you being overwhelmed by salespeople and marketing jargon.

Charter Ownership Programmes – Enhanced By Yacht-Match

Are you considering yacht charter ownership and found that many of the standard offers and programs from more prominent vendors and charter operators are duplicates and unsuitable for your wishes? Yacht-Match has developed several pre-selected programs to suit the needs of a yacht owner better today.

The programs combine the benefits and strengths of charter ownership, with personal customisation – without losing any of the benefits of major standardised programs.

Why Choose us?

OUR GOAL - To Help You Become A Better Decision Maker

Whether you are new to yacht charter ownership or a seasoned investor, our goal is to give you a comprehensive overview of the possibilities in the charter management market. You will become informed and empowered, while having the freedom to choose.

CREATE UNMATCHED OFFERS - Customise Your Yacht Ownership & Investment

Thanks to our unique position in the market and our partner network, we can use the business intelligence to create unmatched offers and customised investment options that match your needs better than traditional charter programs.

UNBIASED ADVICE AND CONSULTANCY - Access To Comparison Tools & Financing Options

We guide you through the entire purchasing process and benchmark the market.
You get a wider perspective and become equipped with our unique comparison tools and financing options.
In addition, you get the best deals on the market.

BOUTIQUE CHARTER OPERATORS - Personal Service & Premier Ratings

We form an exclusive partnership with selected premier charter operators in the most sought-after sailing areas in the world. We have in total +62 marinas and +700 yachts in management. Each of our partners offer a niche quality and superior service in their region. We call them Boutique Charter Operators.

We Guide You From Start To Finish

With Yacht-Match, you will get a complete overview of the Charter Ownership model and Advice on how to treat an eventual phase-out and exit.

Personal And Guided Consultancy

Our in-house team has technical competence, legal and tax expertise as well as profound insight from more than 30 years in the industry. You will receive a personal and guided consultancy to manage expectations better. Yacht-Match will help and guide you through structured comparison and management of the whole acquisition.

Catamaran yacht in Aegean Sea

Tailored Yacht Charter Ownership

With respect to your technical interest and previous experience, we will guide and inform you about the recommended specifications for a yacht to be operated on charter. We will help you understand the limitations and benefits over time. Yacht-Match will create a tailored yacht charter ownership from the different options on the market.

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