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Our mission is to give you an overview of all the possibilities in the yacht charter management market. You will become better informed to make the right decision for you.

We are planning to launch a webinar series in the near future. We will cover topics that are important to consider when planning to invest in a yacht in charter. You will get a better understanding how things work and come closer to realising your dreams of owning a yacht.

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Topics that we cover in the webinars:

Start your journey towards yacht ownership – we will guide you along the way!
New to charter

1. Is owning a yacht for you?
Comparing private ownership, yacht charter and charter ownership – the pros and cons.
10 things to consider before investing in a yacht in charter.

considering a new lifestyle investment?

2. Yacht charter ownership.
Why should you invest in a boat in charter?
Hassle-free boating and exploring new destinations.

Seasoned yacht

3. Tools to get your ideal yacht charter investment
Avoiding common mistakes.
Tailored ownership solutions – finding the right option for you.