Top 5 boats for the family sailing holiday

Going on a family sailing holiday might be the perfect vacation option for you. You’ll be able to have new experiences and discover new places with your family. However, choosing the right boat is essential to take care of all of your family’s needs.

There are a few things that you should consider before making the choice.

  1. Sleeping arrangements
    You wanna make sure that there are enough cabins on the boat, to make it comfortable for everyone and so that everyone can have their own privacy and space. To be crowded on a boat with your family isn’t a good recipe for the perfect holiday.

  2. Storage
    You wanna be able to fit all of your luggage on your boat, so having enough storage is very important. As it will be your home for the entire holiday, you wanna be able to put things away.

  3. Pet on board
    Are you planning on bringing the family dog with you on your holiday? Make sure that It’s a possibility to do so.

  4. Activities
    What activities are possible to do? To be able to swim, dive and snorkel right from the boat, is something both the grown ups and the kids enjoy.

You’ll also have to make the choice between a multihull and a monohull

We’ve listed five boats that we recommend for a family sailing holiday—both pre-owned and new and a mix of multihulls and monohulls.


Bali Catspace Charter ownership

Bali Catspace

Cabins: 3-4

Bathrooms: 3-4

Capacity: 8

Hull length: 39’7″/ 12m

The Bali Catspace is a big sailing multihull in a relatively small package. She’s very spacious for her size, with four cabins with double beds, plus single beds in the bows. With her cockpit in the back and at the front, she’s is the perfect holiday platform for one or two families with smaller children.

Lagoon 42

Cabins: 3-4

Bathrooms: 3-4

Capacity: 6-12

Hull length: 42″/ 12.80 m

The Lagoon 42 is a sailing multihull, which is easy to sail. The design ensures both stability and safety. She’s spacious, and it’s easy to get around the boat. The ergonomic helming station offers a clear view of the yacht and surroundings, with, at the same time direct communication with those in the cockpit and saloon.


Monohulls are often the preferred choice for “purist” sailors. Those who like traditional sailing. They have better pointing abilities than multihulls are sleeker, and many people find them more elegant looking.

Anchored Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 close to the coastline and a man dives into the sea from deck

Jeanneau SO 440

Cabins: 2-4

Bathrooms: 1-2

Capacity: 8

Hull length: 41’47” / 12,64 m

The Jeanneau SO 440 is a winner of numerous prestigious awards. Because of that, she is the perfect boat for relaxed sailing with the family. She has the most wanted features for holidays and day sailing. The bow and the stern are connected by clean lines making the deck surface quite clean and spacious, perfect for safe transfers from the bow to the aft sunbathing areas.

Hanse 455 Swell

Hanse 455

Cabins: 4

Bathrooms: 2

Capacity: 10

Hull length: 39’7″/ 12m

Hanse 455 is a used monohull from 2016. It’s an ideal boat for a family because of its safety. Hanse has decades of experience when it comes to boat building and offers the highest quality. This model provides quiet and smooth sailing, and it’s easy to handle.

Dufour 470

Cabins: 3-5

Bathrooms: 3

Capacity: 8-10

Hull length: 45’89” / 13.99 m

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The Dufour 470 is a sailing monohull that comes in three different versions. The “easy” version is best suited for families as it’s intended for those looking for comfort and simplicity. It also comes with three different layout types and offers very comfortable sleeping areas.

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