Eco-friendly solutions for yacht owners who want to preserve nature and improve their yachting experience.
Yacht-Match Sustainable Solutions provides innovative solutions to equip and convert boats into eco-friendlier and more independent alternatives. We help you reduce your fuel costs and carbon footprint – all while preserving the boat’s performance and oceans.


By choosing Sustainable Solutions, you become part of a global movement towards a greener future. Your actions today create a positive ripple effect for generations to come.


Our solutions

Replacing traditional engines and energy sources and investing in sustainable solutions is a strategically good move for boat owners looking to reduce operating costs, align with environmental values, and stay ahead of market trends. It not only benefits the planet but also improves the overall sailing experience and comfort while providing long-term financial advantages.
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Convert your boat

Tailoring a conversion plan for your existing boat or upgrading it with the latest eco-friendly equipment – we do it all. By embracing innovation and being at the forefront of the green tech revolution, we contribute to a more sustainable future together. Our team of experts guides you through the process to find the best sustainable solution for you.

Technical aspects

Our Naval Architect assists you with all necessary calculations to convert or equip your boat. The process involves several factors, such as determining the total weight, defining desired speed and range, estimating propulsive efficiency, determining required power, calculating resistance, and assessing battery capacity and energy consumption.
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Investor Relations

As the demand for eco-friendly yachting experiences surges, our innovative approach positions us as leaders in the green revolution. Our focus on integrated onboard energy production and electric propulsion systems caters to a growing market of environmentally conscious boat owners. Join us in shaping the future of sustainable boating!



Explore our most popular eco-friendly solutions at Yacht-Match

When you upgrade or convert your boat with us, our naval architect takes your boat’s specifications and your own needs into consideration. By doing calculations for performance, speed, and fuel consumption to mention a few, we offer straightforward, eco-friendly solutions that align with your boat and preferences.
Electric propulsion upgrade:

Improve your boat's performance while reducing its environmental impact with a more energy-efficient propulsion system, contributing to lower fuel consumption, smoother sailing, and less noise.

Solar power package:

Install solar panels in combination with batteries to gain a sustainable energy supply for all your onboard devices, from navigation systems to entertainment, minimising your dependency on ports and maximising your independence on the seas.

Exclusive Consultation:

Yacht-Match’s sustainable yachting expert will guide you through the selection and implementation of eco-friendly solutions, giving insights and recommendations tailored to your boat's unique characteristics and your own preferences.

Artisan-built boat:

Explore the possibility of tailoring your new boat directly with modifications from the shipyard. Purchase a fully equipped and modified artisan-built boat through Yacht-Match, ensuring you a boat that is uniquely yours.

Opt for a green upgrade!

Enjoy a hassle-free transition, knowing that every detail is handled with care.
Yacht-Match’s trade-in team manages the entire process, from the trade-in of your old boat to the acquisition of your new eco-friendly yacht. Our flexible financing solutions make it possible to own the perfect yacht for you through financing plans that suit your budget and timeline.


Meet your new team

Your environmental experts at Yacht-Match have decades of collective experience from the yachting industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge to make a positive environmental impact.
Here, you’ll not just find the best tailored eco-friendly solutions, but also work with a hand-picked team of environmental yachting experts who are redefining the future of sustainable yachting.

Dirk Agter

Yacht Purchase Advisor & Consultant

Our co-founder and an acknowledged yachtsman with over 35 years of experience in the leisure marine industry working for the largest shipyards and acting an independent yachting consultant.

Yacht-Match Group

VIKTOR languages_ym

Viktor van Savooyen

Yacht Purchase Advisor & Consultant

Our co-founder and a well merited broker and purchase advisor within the yacht charter management market.

Yacht-Match Group

Luka Language profile

Luka Prazic

Naval architect & sustainability advocate

Luka makes the calculations needed to find the perfect eco-friendly solution for you, matching your criteria for the boat’s performance and energy efficiency down to the exact detail.

Yacht-Match Yachts & Brokerage

Trialed and trusted

Yacht-Match's Sustainable Solutions

Our team’s track record of successful eco-friendly boat transformations shows our commitment to turning visionary ideas into impactful reality.

Trialed and trusted

Yacht-Match’s Sustainable Solutions are not just theoretical concepts; they are tried, tested, and proven on the open seas. Our team’s track record of successful eco-friendly boat transformations shows our commitment to turning visionary ideas into impactful reality.
In the face of environmental challenges, our team thrives. We are not just problem solvers; we are innovators, consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Your journey towards a sustainable boating experience begins with a team dedicated to understanding your unique needs and finding the solution that matches them.
Yacht-Match Team
Due to our close collaboration with selected shipyards and partners, we can offer a sustainable boating experience that is tailored to your preferences from the laying of the keel to the exhilarating moment it meets the water. Don’t just take it from us, Dona & Gavin have actually gone through the process of acquiring an artisan-built ITA CAT, equipped with solar panels, batteries & electric propulsion system.

Transparency & honesty

At Yacht-Match, transparency is more than a buzzword; it’s a commitment. Our team operates with a clear and open communication style, ensuring that every step of the process is understood and embraced by you. We don’t make decisions on your behalf, instead, we provide you with knowledge and tools that empower you to become confident and capable of making better-informed decisions that align with your vision.


How the process works

When you partner with us for acquiring a new eco-friendly yacht or converting your existing one, we start the process with an initial consultation. During this session, we delve into your thoughts, ideas, and preferences to tailor the perfect solution specifically for you. Our commitment is to share our extensive knowledge and data to provide you with valuable insights for proceeding onwards.
Depending on the results of the consultation, we will craft a timeline and action plan for us to work within so you always know what to expect and when.



Read frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.
It includes integrating environmentally friendly practices, technologies, and machinery to reduce the environmental impact of yachting. It’s about making eco-conscious choices in construction, energy sources, and day-to-day operations.
Owners can enjoy reduced fuel consumption, lower operational costs, and contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems to mention a few.
It’s doable for both! Our team specialises in tailoring eco-friendly solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your current vessel or during the construction of a new one.
Getting started is easy! Contact our team for an initial consultation. We’ll discuss your preferences, needs, and available sustainable options, providing you with a tailored plan for a greener and more eco-conscious yachting experience.
As every order is tailored to preference, it varies. We do see a pattern and increased demand for green technologies like solar panels, hybrid propulsion systems, and energy-efficient appliances, which all aim to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and minimise the environmental impact.
Depending on your location, there may be financial incentives, tax credits, or similar available for adopting sustainable practices in yachting. Our team can provide more information on this, as well as assist with beneficial financing solutions for your yacht ownership or conversion!
Absolutely. Our approach is highly personalised and the cornerstone of all our four branches, one of them being “Consultancy” specifically. When working with us, we tailor sustainable solutions that align with individual preferences, ensuring a customised and satisfactory experience and result. Our advice is unbiased and our loyalty lies with you!