Neel Trimarans

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45 and the neel 65

Neel 51

“The NEEL 51 combines the benefits of its predecessors the NEEL 45 and the NEEL 65, performance and comfort living. It’s a blue water yacht for family, manoeuvrable by minimal crew. Its bridge deck clearance guarantees comfort and safety. The 51’s sleek lines and reversed bows give it a modern …

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33 square metres 335 sq

Neel 65 Evolution

“Sail in a new way with the NEEL 65. A new and unique angle on cruiseoriented navigation, in “Sport-Chic” mode.T he flybridge offers a convivial area of 33 square metres (335 sq ft) with a table for ten guests convertible into a wide sunbathing area. The central helm incorporates all …

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47 successfully combines the benefits

Neel 47

“The NEEL 47 successfully combines the benefits of cruising or blue water yacht : safety, performance and comfort living. It is distinguished by a modern and elegant silhouette (Antireflex Window® ). Its lines guarantee an incomparable sporting look. The helm position is elevated, its accessibility and ergonomic allow safe centralized …

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