Charter Ownership Advisor & Specialist

We at Yacht-Match want to help you find the ideal yacht and investment. We will create a portfolio of options as well as a unique proposal using our comparison tools and financing options. We can then tailor a personal charter management program for you.

Overwhelmed by the number of options and companies offering them?

Maybe you find that many of the standard programs from the bigger vendors and charter operators are too similar and don’t really offer a viable solution that suit your and wishes and needs.

The solution? You will get a comprehensive overview of the best options available.

Our unique position in the market and exclusive partnerships make this possible. We have a key negotiating position that directly translates into a better deal and lead time on your preferred yacht.


Expertise in the yacht charter management market

Whether you are primarily interested in enjoying holidays or you are a true yachting enthusiast, the possibility of making an investment and have fun doing so is the ultimate dream. Only a tailored charter management investment will provide you with lucrative business opportunities and investment options.

Gain access to the full range of possibilities on the market with your dedicated team of specialists.

Professional Consultancy

Professional and Personal Purchasing Advice

This is our complete consultancy. We guide you through the entire purchasing process. You will receive the most comprehensive overview and maximum number of matching offers. You assign us as your personal and investigative brokers, which entails ongoing consultancy.

You will gain access to the full range of possibilities from a dedicated team of specialists working towards exceeding your expectations.

What can you expect?

Want to investigate your options and receive a comprehensive overview?

What if you could have a dedicated purchasing consultant, who will do all the work for you? Yacht-Match will investigate all the possibilities and ensure you receive benchmarked proposals before you make your decision.

Scope of Services

A dedicated purchasing consultant, who will investigate all your possibilities

Personalised and tailored charter management programs and ownership

Yacht-Match provides customised solutions for owning a yacht in charter. Our yacht ownership programs are deliberately set up with the intention to define all the details and the yacht’s specifications according to your preferences – right from the beginning. It will be ideally configured and matched with our network of niche and premium charter operators around the world.

Receive a COMPREHENSIVE PORTFOLIO of matching offers & solutions

Dedicated expert to optimise and secure unique yacht offers. Having a dedicated expert to optimise and secure unique yacht offers and management extends our assignment and commitment. It requires ongoing investigative consultancy. The result: you gain access to the full range of possibilities.


We guide you throughout the whole process and benchmark the market. You get a wider perspective, become equipped with our unique comparison tools and financing options as well as get access to the best deals on the market. We will compare existing offers from the top charter operators offering charter management and either customise them or create new proposals to match your wishes. You get to enjoy all the benefits of a tailored charter management.


Yacht-Match provides legal advice and support from our maritime legal representative. Our standardised charter management agreement can be optimised to your needs and legal status as a buyer. We will handle all aspects of insurance, maintenance, delivery and after-sales. They will be duly explained and finally approved by your legal representative as part of the consultancy agreement.


We offer and arrange financing with our selected partners specialised in the yachting industry. You get a wider perspective, become equipped with our unique comparison tools and financing options as well as get access to the best deals on the market. We will compare existing offers from the top charter operators offering charter management and either customise them or create new proposals to match your wishes. You get to enjoy all the benefits of a tailored charter management.


Yacht-Match is building a network of premier charter operators that are based in the most sought-after sailing areas in the world. Currently, we have over 62 marinas and over 700 yachts in management. We call our partners Boutique Charter Operators. Each of them offers highly personal service and outstanding yacht maintenance.


Our team of specialists will create you the ideal options using financing comparison tools and expertise in the yacht charter management market.

We represent your interest and are employed by you, our principal, and not by one partner nor a specific shipyard. This ensures you receive a professional advisory and unbiased consultancy service at all times.

We start by mapping your interests and preferences and presenting an initial market review. All along the consultancy, we are adhering and referring to your preferences that we agreed at the start-up. We supply you with interval advisory reports leading up to the final Yacht Charter Ownership Portfolio.

All of our assessment and comparison tools are subjected to objective review. We only work with market data and feasibility studies for charter income projections and estimations that are accumulated from our partners worldwide as well as the banks and leasing companies specialised in the yacht charter management industry.

Our advice is based on comparisons and will always illustrate a “pros and cons” situation. As such, we can package what we can clearly prove to you would be the best matching proposal and scenario.

We represent and offer charter management and charter ownership programs as a sales agent for one of the biggest charter companies in the industry. We also package programs for the smaller companies, our partners, to specifically meet a win-win solution for an investment with their specific highlighted attributes.

As such, you will always have a comprehensive overview of all the proposed programs and offers from the industry, compared with your own individual charter ownership proposal, which we tailored to better fit your preferences.

We represent and manage the sales for a network of charter operators worldwide. These are handpicked and selected by us for their unique qualities and excellent ratings. They are reviewed yearly and we are in constant contact with third-party examiners, such as Yacht-Check and Euminia, and our partner network of leasing and banks to review our operators’ financial health.  

Naturally, every sales representative will claim they do, but they are representing their own interest and products and principal.

It’s a healthy competitive market at large, but most of the bigger charter companies and dealerships offer the same generic “good for all” and time-share services and products, branded and marketed differently.

You also find that most agents and dealerships will have some knowledge of the market and can offer laymen advice and point you at the right direction, or even make a deal together with a few charter companies to help you get going. This is often with heavy discounts, since they’d like you to make a quick decision and not start investigating other options and find out what the market can offer.

What’s new is a steady increase of bloggers and yacht owners or “independent websites” sharing experiences and offering how-to advice in abundance, only to gain interest of the bigger charter companies and agencies so they become paid in doing so. Effectively, their advice and guidance is often a disguise and a strategic way for industry leaders to find new vendors and channels to market their products with little branding. Thus, YOU the client and buyer think you are receiving a helping hand and guidance from a non-professional and independent advisor.

Our consultancy service fee is seen as a commitment fee – as such, it’s a mutual agreement to start investigating the market and put you at the forefront as a decision-maker. You have your own professional purchase advisor and dedicated team of brokers and experts handling the whole purchasing sequence for you, from start-to-finish.

We represent your interest and are employed by you, our principal, and not by one partner nor a specific shipyard. This ensures you receive a professional advisory and unbiased consultancy service at all times.

This reflects our pricing, as you are per effect not paying for our services, but merely honoring a commitment and enabling our team to work with a focused mindset and with your interest as a priority. 

As with any agency, broker or dealership, Yacht-Match makes its sales profit from the sale of the yacht to you, by commission or by brokering fee from our partner that we represent (ship yard or dealership).

The consultancy commitment fee varies from 1-2.5 % of the expected purchasing price of the yacht. This is then later deducted from the purchasing price* of the yacht when you complete the deal and are handed over the keys to your new yacht and lifestyle investment. 

*Deducted/handed back to the principal, as part of purchase agreement. Thus, adhering to the law of “serving of two masters”.

Yes, you will receive different proposals that we create to match your preferences. These offers will highlight how they differ from the generic market offers and illustrate projected savings, extra income, and investment advice.

As described in the scope of services above, our assignment is to create a comprehensive overview of the possibilities in the market of yacht charter ownership. You will become an informed and empowered decision-maker with freedom of choice, regardless if you are new to charter ownership or an experienced yacht charter owner. 

With your preferences in mind, and not with a traditional sales representative’s pitch and interest, the Consultancy assignment is aimed at achieving harmony between the preferences and your demands, as well as our ability to outperform any standard charter management program offer you will receive from investigating the market yourself and being in contact with your local dealer or charter management agent. 

If you are not in need of the full range of services that we offer and only want the top investment opportunities and exclusive deals that we generate each week from the international yacht market, we suggest that you become a VIP subscriber to get access to these non-public special deals and incentives. Our Consultancy clients and our VIP-subscribers are given priority to all the of the best deals and special yacht offers that we acquire from our partner network, the shipyard and our dealership partners. These are not available to the public market.

We don’t use marketing jargon nor do we represent the interest of a third party. This shows in the consultancy assignment, where you get comprehensive guidance and develop a better understanding of what is a good investment, what is the best option for you as well as how to manage expectations and overcome preconceptions that you might have had. 

With our unique position in the market and our partner network, we can convert this business intelligence and create unmatched offers and customised proposals that outperform traditional charter management programs. You can present an offer you have received already and we can match that as basis.

All of our consultancy clients are presented a business plan and investment portfolio that goes along with a total assessment and advisory report of the matching options for an optimal charter ownership and management. The investment that you are making is financially guaranteed to outperform any other standard offer that you will find on the market.

The idea that you will get the best offer from ONE single sales representative or a few of them that are heavily represented on the market, is in itself only limiting your options. In addition:

  • the offers you get from the bigger charter operators and dealerships all more or less mimic each other,
  • most of these offers are standardised – you are left with a time-share product and service.

To meet your particular needs and preferences, the only way is to investigate the market and match all the components of the deal: The yacht, the operator, the charter management, and the business plan are tailored to optimal conditions. 

The consultancy fee is paid at the start to initiate the assignment and signal the commitment from both you and our assigned consultant.

We make a plan for when you’d like to start sailing, and during the assignment period of anything from 2-12 months, you will be presented advisory reports and updates for the various review points along the way.

Here’s an example of a purchase sequence for a Scandinavian investor with the intention of receiving the tailored proposal for the upcoming season (within 7 months from starting date):


  1. Review of the Investor Preferences questionnaire (August);
  2. Present matching options for a preferred yacht and a market analysis and report (September);
  3. The Client is invited to visit the Cannes International Yachting Festival (mid-September), where we review the options for the Client’s yacht and finalize the specifications.
  4. In October, the Client is given full disclosure and information about the final financing option of the Client’s choice;
  5. A mid-term advisory report about market and possibilities (October);
  6. An investment portfolio and charter feasibility study for the preferred yachts (October);
  7. A presentation of the matching sailing destinations and charter operators (October);
  8. A presentation of the Client’s preferred yacht management by the matching charter operator;
  9. Decision and technical specifications meeting about the selected yacht (end October);
  10. The charter management agreement is established by November 1st;
  11. The optional leasing agreement is established by November 1st;
  12. As soon as the charter management agreement is finalised, and the Client has decided and signed with matching charter operator: The Consultant and the Client, together with the matching charter operator, arrange the transport to the charter base and make the yacht charter ready.
  13. On behalf of the Client, Yacht-Match and the matching charter operator takes care of the following:
    1. handle the commissioning
    2. arrange the transport to the charter base
    3. register the yacht of the Client
    4. equip the yacht of the Client
    5. make the yacht of the Client charter ready.
  14. Arrangements around transportation from the Yard to the charter base of the matching charter operator is done with the Client’s consent, the Purchaser can be involved if he wishes.
  15. Once the last and full payment have been settled by the Client, the shipyard will send the Client the original Builders Certificate and Bill of Sale as proof of the Client’s ownership.

As the Client’s representative, Yacht-Match will be involved in the whole purchase process, plus support the Client in the charter management period to make sure the Client will have the best experience possible.

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