Our Story

Who is behind Yacht-Match? How did it all start? And why?

How it all started

We met in 2014, when Viktor was a sales manager at the one of the leading international charter operators and yacht dealerships for charter management, and Dirk was a charter business manager at a German shipyard. We were both part of the introduction of the most successful (to date) 57ft yacht in to the industry, which led to a close business relation between us. That is how the journey began.

While Viktor was selling yachts and charter weeks, he noticed there is a lot of passion and expert knowledge in the yachting industry. However, this was not presented for and fully understood by the public. In addition, the competition in the industry was fierce (and still is), leading to operators struggling and communicating the same advantages, without giving any relevant value to their audience.

At the same time, Dirk was scanning the market for the best opportunities for his customers and partners. Throughout his years in the leisure marine business, Dirk had built up a broad network of contacts in the international market. He noticed that a lot of the smaller charter operators had a hard time finding matching clients and vice versa.

We sat together to speak about the industry and exchanged our views. On one hand, Viktor wanted to offer his clients a more personalised solution to their investment preferences. On the other hand, Dirk saw the charter operators had a need for new investors who they couldn’t reach themselves.

We came to the following conclusions:

  • Charter clients and investors are misinformed and confused, or don’t have enough of information available to them. They find it hard to make the right decision – or any decision at all – when planning on investing in a yacht.
  • Charter operators are losing their core identity and their voice to the louder ones. They find it hard to reach new clients and grow.

We realised we need to share our knowledge and educate people about all the available options. We need to put people in focus – listen to their needs and wants. We want to help people to find their perfect yacht and make their investment possible, on their terms. Meanwhile, we want to help the smaller charter businesses to be seen and heard.

Yacht-Match was founded in late 2015.

Mission & Vision

Empowering you with the same hind-sight that a second or third-time yacht owner has gained from his charter management ownership.

Our Mission

Whether new or experienced, our mission is to give you a comprehensive overview of the possibilities in the yacht charter management market. We will make you an informed decision-maker with the freedom of choice.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading independent match-maker between the investor and yacht charter operator, while maintaining an informative role on the international yacht charter management market.

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