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People who want to transform their life through yacht ownership, create memories with family and friends, travel and live their dream, unfortunately are confronted with too many questions that make it difficult for them to make their final decision and to commit to their dream.

Does this sound familiar to you? Then we’d like to introduce you with our clear guide to help you to make this life changing transformation happen.

Who are we?

At Yacht-Match we are an international team of experienced and dedicated professionals in different fields of the yachting industry.

My name is Daria and for the past 20 years I have been working in yacht charter business. When I joined the Yacht-Match yacht sales team one year ago, I found out how incredibly people who wanted to become yacht owners were struggling with their decision and how much they were hesitating.

I have read numerous articles and even researches about boat ownership and also observed it myself in the last 6 months that I’m actively involved in yacht sales that the decision making was most of all a CONFIDENCE ISSUE.

There’s a concept called Boat Buying Confidence, which is key. So what does it take to become confident in buying a boat? Researches and experience show us the 3 main elements:

  1. Commitment – You have to be 100% ALL IN. With other words, YOU have to be serious about your goal and ready to take actions.

Although some brokers might tell you else, this is the part that you have to work on yourself. You have to understand your current position in life and what your personal hurdles are. Our approach as consultants is NOT pushing you to a purchase (opposite to a broker or a dealer), but rather help you understand your personal challenges and solve them, prepare your basis for being boat owner and find an ownership solution tailored to your needs.

  1. Clarity – You have to be clear about each step on your way to an own yacht. If you don’t know what expects you or if this shall be your first yacht, then you can spend months or even years searching on the internet, visiting all yachting events, learning from different people telling you their stories and trying to get together a plan. Or you rely on a ready and proven guideline that will show you exactly which step to take and exactly when. As you consultants, we unlock all boat ownership secrets, all this with no information overload.

  2. Confidence – The final and crucial element that doesn’t stand without the other two. Commitment + knowledge will gradually lead you to gain confidence and to trust us as your partner for your boat ownership plans. We are delighted to be part of each single project of our owners.

So how do you get knowledge?

Step 1

Meet our team

Meet with us via:

Step 2

Educate yourself

  • through our newsletter we regularly inform you about our current educational webinars about boat ownership and boat models. Update your profile to adjust it exactly to your needs!
  • read our blog with the latest up-to-date news and tips about boat ownership
  • participate in our regular webinars

Step 3

Go on a sea trial

  • use the opportunity and participate in one of our sea trials (we’ll inform you per e-mail about each event)
  • do a test charter week on your preferred boat model (we help you to organise your charter vacation, just send us an e-mail with your request)

Step 4

Talk to our boat owners about their experiences

  • read and watch our blog and testimonials from our boat owners
  • ask us for references, so you can contact them directly

After these steps you will be much further on your way to your own boat and will eventually feel ready and confident to assign us as your partner.

From this point on, our journey continues together:

  • We will guide you all the way.
  • From the beginning on, we will present you with an exact plan and timeline.
  • We will tell you exactly what you can expect.
  • You will understand all your options.
  • Our team will be there to help you with every step you take from the decision stage up to after-sales and during your entire boat ownership.
  • At Yacht-Match, we use HISWA yacht purchase agreements, which protect your rights as purchaser.
  • Optionally, you can also use a HISWA trust account, where your money is secured. If you don’t know about HISWA, feel free to ask us during our free consultation.

As Yacht Purchase Advisors, we can help you with a clear guideline. We know from experience, how much time and troubles it will save you. Start by letting us know what you need:

Our next live webinar “Steps to buy a boat” will take place on: October 13th, 2022. Don’t miss the invitation & registration e-mail from us!

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