Nautitech 48 Open – A Rising Star

Nautitech 48 Open

2023 has been a remarkable year for Nautitech so far. With its N44 Open model winning the European Yacht of the Year 2023 award, the shipyard has proven every single marketing promise and beyond. Moreover, it has positioned itself in the very special market segment, right between the classic cruisers and the performance catamarans making it a perfect choice for owners who want to live aboard and sail long distances with maximum comfort, but also feeling very much secure about the strength, quality and durability of the boat.

Nautitech 48 Open

The newest model among the Nautitech range coming this year is the Nautitech 48 Open that promises to be the star of the Open line. The brand DNA and the concept of the Nautitech 44 Open like we know it have been applied to this bigger model with enough space to include great new features and improvements. Let’s have a closer look at it:

The tone set for this new model is a relationship between creativity and technology. Its signature is found in the curve of the hull, its finesse, attention to detail and the optimisation of space.



The Nautitech’s know-how in terms of infusion guarantees watertightness and robustness of the ship.


Its thinner hulls limit the wet surface, which, coupled with a high bridge deck clearance height give the boat an incomparable comfort at sea.

An optimised hydrodynamic bottom and thin hulls below the waterline are combined with a stepped hull chines to widen the hull and provide space above the waterline. The hull with its inverted bow and forward rake ensures a balanced boat.

The most social cockpit on the market

Easy Sailing

The double helm station is a signature feature of the Open Line and the sailor’s choice. These two ideal helming positions provide unobstructed view of the sails, still being part of the entertainment area.

Exterior design: Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group


N48 Open is a modular yacht that can be adapted to its owners and their sailing program. The guideline of its sophisticated interior is modern and elegant.

The living area

An iconic bar in the heart of the living area. Close to the mast and located at the center of gravity of the boat, it is where people will join together, discuss the route, and probably “elevate their dream” with enthusiasm. The place that naturally attracts everyone on board.

A large interior dining area can be transformed into a double-sized day bed, a feature that so many Nautitech owners wished for.

The elegant owner’s suite

The spacious owner’s suite has a luminous, modern and elegant atmosphere with incomparable finishing qualities and its own integrated dressing.

My SmartRoom®

The starboard front area has been designed to meet your sailing schedules. Whether in the Utility version, designed for owners who are setting sail for a long adventure, or in the Flexibility version, the SmartRoom® is there to meet your needs for an even more personalised approach to your dream.

A multifunctional technical area, a unique offer

Interior design: collaboration with the designer Christophe Chedal-Anglay.

5 layouts are available to the choice of the owner!

Awaken your senses

The Nautitech brand promises that this new yacht will awaken all your senses. And looking at the first available digital presentations, you already imagine the sound of the waves as they pass the hulls, the wind as it meets the sails, the feel of softwood under your fingers, the smell of leather and sea spray.

Nautitech 48 Open at the shipyard

See it yourself. We will organise a guided shipyard visit where you will be able to see the first hull combined with sea trials on the Nautitech’s award winning model 44 Open in June this year.

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