Nautitech 44 Open European Premiere at the LGM show 2022

The European Premiere of the new Nautitech 44 Open at this year’s Multihull Boat Show in la Grande Motte was a great success, as this boat is the pure essence of a sailing catamaran.

“The perfect balance between performance and comfort”

Yes, we have often heard that catamarans were for those sailors looking to combine performance and comfort. This concept is not new, but yet for the new Nautitech 44 Open more true than ever.

This is not just a “floating caravan”, but a safe, reliable and functional cruising boat, adapted to sea as well as mooring and life aboard.


The construction is sturdy, reliable, rigid and relatively light. This is achieved thanks to high-quality composite material and the care given to the structural links.

The quality of manufacture is guaranteed by a high quality construction of hulls, deck and roof.


The layout of the new Nautitech 44 Open is clear and modern. The Open concept includes this idea of balance, the “square-cockpit” where spacious cockpit and luxurious saloon become one living space. There is also no double dining area, thus the boat is not unnecessary overloaded and the space is used better, at the same time reducing the hull weight.


Why is the weight so important in terms of sailing performance?

The hull balance is a judicious compromise between a moderate waterline width to limit the wet surface and a large volume useful in terms of amenities. The displacement plays an important role on the performances because a heavier boat means an increased wet surface, and de-creased performance.

Nautitech Open models have slimmer hulls to limit the wet surface.
The use of foam (micro perforated) PVC closed cell (divinycell®) and not balsa is another strength at NAUTITECH because it allows an optimized weight and increased durability. These catamarans have the lightest weight compared to the same size models of other brands.

The Nautitech architect Marc Lombard says about the 44 Open: “What I mean by «performance» are genuine sensations at the helm, good top speed when conditions are favourable, and more specifically, high average speed upwind and downwind, without forgetting the important aspect of the time spent motoring, which is frequent with long-distance cruising. And all this without ever having to worry for safety in «family» navigation conditions.”

What are the other distinctive features of the new Nautitech 44 Open in terms of sailing?

When it comes to sailing, either if it is a relaxed leisure trip or a sporty sailing to move from A to B in the fastest possible way, this boat is reliable, easily manageable and manoeuvrable even by a small crew.

Nautitech 44 Open has a double aft steering station. The advantages of this configuration are many, such as:

– Easily dock manoeuvres with a perfect view of the hull side and the possibility of mooring the rear without moving from the helm.
– View of the water and sails whether windward or leeward.
– Optimum steering sensation thanks to a steering system using short-circuit steering cable.
– Maximum lowering of the boom, unlike the fly helm station or semi-fly, to increase the effectiveness of the mainsail that comes flush with the roof and to allow an easy access to the mainsail for furling.
– Security and optimised communication with the crew.
– Having the cockpit and helms on the same level makes the boat more sociable under sail, and safer to move around.


Marc Lombard says: “Starting from valuable insights from current owners, Nautitech’s team and I challenged every living space and revisited each scenario.”

The new Nautitech 44 Open interior is designed to provide a modern and elegant atmosphere. Its spacious cockpit and luxurious saloon merge into one huge living space, where there’s space to talk, to rest, for friends and for yourself.

The life aboard a Nautitech Open is defined by comfort and plenty of space to make you feel at home when you spend hours at sea.

You can choose between a 4 or a 3 cabin version with the optional new “My Smart Room”, which is a technical and practical utility room, perfect for long-arm trips.

Comfort, Conviviality, Interior Flow and Safety: the new Nautitech Open range has it all!

But you better see it yourself. Take the chance and register for a Sea Trial on November 21st here!

If you think of buying a sailing catamaran or look for still available catamarans with delivery for next season, take advantage of our currently available Serenity Program. Details here.

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