February 8-17

Vene Båt - Helsinki International Boat Show


Don’t miss Helsinki International Boat Show – the largest boating event in Northern Europe!

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Viktor van Savooyen

CEO, Co-Founder, Sales

Keen waterman and our clients personal guide to find the perfect yacht and start living their traveling dreams


Dirk Agter

Co-Founder, Partner & Yard Relations

A true wealth of knowledge and yachting enthusiast. Our trusted captain to navigate our partner's interest!

Yacht-Match goes Finland – meet us at Helsinki International Boat Show!

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What is this Event about?

It’s never too cold for boating!

Enjoy the unique experience at Helsinki International Boat Show. From the 8th to 17th February, Helsinki becomes a hub for sailing and water sports. Find out more about the products and services of over 450 companies in the boating industry, get a closer look of more than 600 boats and enjoy hundreds of demonstrations. Listen to inspiring and informative speeches, participate in testing and make use of the great deals.

As the largest boating event in Northern Europe, you don’t want to miss the Helsinki International Boat Show. Bring your whole family and enjoy the day together!

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