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Caribbean is one of the most popular sailing destinations, and rightfully so. Find a hidden white sand beach or a secret cove only accessible by boat. Explore the charming towns or dive into the jungle. Relax on a beach bar listening to reggae tunes or dance to calypso.


The Sailing Capital Of The World?

Easy access from the mainland, perfect distance between the islands, consistent winds… not to mention the views. Some call the British Virgin Islands the “sailing capital of the world”. Whether you find paradise in the popular Bahamas or Antigua, or choose to explore the secrets of Guadeloupe, make sure you are on a yacht and get the best of the islands.


Locations To Take Your Yacht


British Virgin Islands

Anchor your yacht and swim in to one of the many hidden beaches located all over this paradise. The beauty will never cease to amaze you.



Visit the vibrant capitol of Cuba, Havanna is an amazing town. Enjoy a Cigar or a drink at one of the towns charismatic cafés.



The waters of the Grenadines is truly emerald blue. It is a true paradise and a place you will always remember.

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We offer you the best introduction possible to your new lifestyle – we arrange a charter week with your chosen yacht and the operator that we have matched to your preferences.


The best yacht charter or boat programme is the one tailored to your needs. Charter companies offer different ownership options to choose from, but they are often highly standardised.


Want do know more about owning a yacht in charter? Get all the info you need before deciding about investing in a yacht charter ownership through our webinar-series!

Yacht Suggestions For This Destination

Lagoon 46

Type: Family
Hull Length: 45’11” / 13.99m
Capacity: 10+2
Cabins: 4+2

Bali 4.3 LOFT

Type: Cruiser
Hull Length: 42’66” / 13,10m
Capacity: 8
Cabins: 4

Hanse 388

Type: Family
Hull Length: 36′ 1″ / 10,99m
Capacity: 6
Cabins: 3

Greenline 48

Type: Luxury/Family
Hull Length: 49’18” / 14,99m
Capacity: 6+1
Cabins: 3+1

Neel 47

Type: Family/Performance
Hull Length: 46’9″ / 14,6m
Capacity: 8
Cabins: 5

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Whether you want to learn more about yachts in general or how to buy a yacht, you have come to the right place. We have a wide range of sailboats, motor yachts and catamarans. You might be familiar with sailboat charter – enjoying a week or two sailing in the Mediterranean, for example. Maybe the thought of buying a yacht of your own has crossed your mind. Yacht co-ownership, or fractional yacht ownership could be something for you!

What is yacht ownership?
You can own a boat in the traditional way, you can own a shared yacht with a friend, or you can own a yacht in charter. Either you do all the work yourself or someone else takes care of the management. There are as many ways to own a boat as there are people, and there is a lot to take into account. Can you make money chartering a yacht? What is a yacht programme? What is fractional yachting? Get answers to these questions and advice on yacht ownership!