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Latin America has one of the world’s most diverse cruising grounds, dock your yacht for the day and go explore everything from snow-topped mountains to thick rain forests, the itinerary options are endless. If you rather experience the big-city life, consider Panama City with its breath-taking skyline and the incredible beaches close by. Wherever you go, the vibrancy of the Latin American cultures, music, dances and cuisine will never stop to pleasantly surprise you.  



The Ancient History


If you enjoy history and culture, Latin America is truly great. Why not take a day trip to the amazing Chichén Itzá, located only 2 hours from Cancún, Mexico? The ancient town built by the Maya people is considered one of the world’s new seven wonders. Perhaps you’re the type of person that rather go hiking in the mountains on your day of the water, then you should go to explore the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta national park in northern Colombia, the highest peak is located 5 000 meters above sea level.


Locations To Take Your Yacht



Anchor your yacht and visit one of Mexicos beatiful small villages. Vibrant architecture combined with all types of food and souvenirs. There’s something for everyone!



Take a break from the sailing and go hiking in the Colombian mountains. Breathtaking views that you will never forget!



Dock your yacht and go explore the amazing Panama City for a couple of days. Take in the city atmosphere and enjoy!

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Yacht Suggestions For This Destination

Lagoon 46

Type: Family
Hull Length: 45’11” / 13.99m
Capacity: 10+2
Cabins: 4+2

Bali 4.3 LOFT

Type: Cruiser
Hull Length: 42’66” / 13,10m
Capacity: 8
Cabins: 4

Hanse 388

Type: Family
Hull Length: 36′ 1″ / 10,99m
Capacity: 6
Cabins: 3

Greenline 48

Type: Luxury/Family
Hull Length: 49’18” / 14,99m
Capacity: 6+1
Cabins: 3+1

Neel 47

Type: Family/Performance
Hull Length: 46’9″ / 14,6m
Capacity: 8
Cabins: 5

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