On the way to your own yacht

yacht ownership

People who want to transform their life through yacht ownership, create memories with family and friends, travel and live their dream, unfortunately are confronted with too many questions that make it difficult for them to make their final decision and to commit to their dream. Does this sound familiar to you? Then we’d like to […]

Yacht-Match’s quick guide on how to buy a boat

Are you thinking of buying that dreamboat of yours? Then we believe you will find this article very useful. Let’s go through our quick guide on how to buy a boat! A boat is a significant investment. It’s more comparable to buying a house than a car or another luxury product. Therefore, take your time […]

Thank you for 2020 – This is what we have learned and like to share

Dear valued customer and partner,  The Yacht-Match team and our trusted partners in the Yacht-Match Network like to thank you for all the support and pleasure you have given. For trusting us with your holiday plans and for allowing us to take part in your journey to become a yacht owner.   This season is not […]

Common mistakes to avoid when buying a yacht for charter

mistakes to avoid when buying a yacht for charter

Equal measures shot with excitement and an exhausting process; buying a yacht is not a decision that you make lightly. It’s good practice to be navigating stormy waters when it comes to buying a yacht for charter. Part of this, is following the compass that tells you to ask lots of questions. In order to avoid […]

How To Choose The Right Yacht Charter Ownership Program

What’s the best yacht ownership program for you? When you are getting close to the edge of saying yes to your yacht investment, it makes sense to want to try and scout the market to find a yacht charter ownership solution that suits you the best.  There’s a lot of companies out there offering a range […]

Yacht Match’s Top 10 Best Sailing Destinations

We at Yacht Match decided to do a post on our Top 10 best sailing destinations! It’s nearly impossible to find a list of sailing destinations without the European hotspots: Greece, Croatia and Balearic Island. Or the tropical islands in the Caribbean. Even though these places deserve their spot on the top lists, we’re going to take a […]

Buying a used yacht for charter ownership

Buying a used yacht for charter ownership header

Are you planning on buying a used yacht for charter ownership? When doing so, there’s a lot of things to take into consideration, such as how much time and money you’re willing to spend. There are both pros and cons of taking over used charter yachts or buying a used yacht and then later introducing them to […]

Why you should choose local charter fleet operators

Introduction There is no one-size-fits-all solution for charter ownership or owning a yacht to begin with. Moreover, many of the standardised options out there aren’t good enough. Not if you ask us. Therefore, we work with independent and local charter fleet operators to create tailored solutions to owning a yacht in charter. How do we […]

4 questions you need to ask yourself before buying a yacht

Are you considering yacht ownership? We know it can be confusing and frustrating with all the different information out there. However here’s a great start. Answer these four questions and you will be one step closer to your dream of owning a yacht. See the latest offer on the Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 What level of […]

Three Different Ways To Own A Boat

Now, There are mainly three different ways to own a boat. You’ve probably come across all or some of these terms before: Traditional boat ownership, shared boat ownership, co-ownership, fractional yacht ownership, charter yacht ownership… But what do they all mean? We will go beneath the surface and have a closer look at: 1.) Traditional boat […]