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Charter management -The best way to prepare for the onboard lifestyle

Have you always dreamt about it and now you’re finally ready to take the leap? You can’t just spontaneously take an around-the-world boat trip, but your motivation is still the fundamental driving force. Next, you need to make the dream possible in practical terms. In this blog we’ll explain the benefits of doing so with a charter program!

Yacht-Match’s quick guide on how to buy a boat

Are you thinking of buying that dreamboat of yours? Then we believe you will find this article very useful. Let’s go through our quick guide on how to buy a boat! A boat is a significant investment. It’s more comparable to buying a house than a car or another luxury product. Therefore, take your time

Top 5 boats for the family sailing holiday

Going on a family sailing holiday might be the perfect vacation option for you. You’ll be able to have new experiences and discover new places with your family. However, choosing the right boat is essential to take care of all of your family’s needs. There are a few things that you should consider before making