When Yacht-Match takes care of the marketing, the sales will flourish. Win-win situation!

Struggling to compete with and survive next to the big charter companies? Wondering how to communicate with potential customers and increase your sales? Want to improve your market position and reach key target markets worldwide?

Team up with us! Yacht-Match is your trusted partner – we work for mutual benefit and know how to get the job done, thanks to fresh skills in marketing and years of experience in the boating and yacht charter markets. Not only do we help you in creating a strong marketing strategy, but we also follow up and support you with both marketing and sales activities.

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Here are some FAQ that might interest you?

We are here to answer these questions and tell you how our cooperation model adresses them!

  1. How come no one else is offering professional advice and guidance for yacht charter ownership and management?
  2. What is the difference between Yacht-Match and worldwide operating charter companies?
  3. How do you assure the quality and professionalism of the charter companies that you represent for our clients?

  1. Do we get access to your database?
  2. Do you hand over clients to us?
  3. How can I be sure my clients don’t get tricked? Who takes responsibility?
  4. How do you assure that our clients and leads don’t go to another of your business partners?

  1. Why should your service be better than the rest?
  2. We already work together with a charter company, why would we partner with you?
  3. Why don’t you market yourselves and do your own sales independently?

  1. The big charter companies are backed up by the ship yards. They are taking over anyhow, what can we do about that?
  2. The big charter companies give out big discount and have better leads times, how can we compete against that?
  3. We don’t speak many charter investors, why is that?

  1. Charter ownership will mean I don’t see my clients return to me with business!
  2. If one of my charter clients wants to buy a boat instead of chartering one I can’t and will not help him, why should I team up with Yacht-Match?
  3. We don’t get many requests from our charter clients for buying boats, why would we need Yacht-Match?
  4. I don’t have time for extra work, how can a partnership with Yacht-Match benefit me?

  1. We know our market well and have no problem with getting new yacht investors. Why team up with you?
  2. We have an employee who takes care of marketing, why use the Yacht-Match marketing methodology?
  3. We sell yachts ourself to investors, why use the Yacht-Match sales management?
  4. We are doing business with long standing partners and yacht investors. How would a cooperation with you be better and not disrupt this?
  5. We are not looking for expanding our fleet with many new boats each year, just 1-or 2. Can you assure this?
  6. We are careful in selecting who becomes a yacht investor with us. How do you control this?

  1. How can you help me as a dealer to sell more boats?
  2. Why do you want to cooperate with several dealerships worldwide?
  3. We don’t trust charter management, it’s a time share business and i serve my clients with personal attention
  4. How do we know you are not just stealing clients from our region?
  5. We don’t sell boats with charter ownership to clients, why would that change in a partnership with Yacht-Match?
  6. We have calculated a certain yearly turnover and margin, cooperating with Yacht-Match will jeopardise our financial goals, or won’t it?

  1. What are the costs of a Yacht-Match partnership?
  2. What is the collaboration fee?
  3. How do you make your profit?
  4. Why should I give away margin to you?
  5. What is the greatest effect on my investment by teaming up with you?