A Comparison of Yacht Charter Management Programs

What are the advantages of yacht charter management programs compared to the typical ownership program?

Unpicking the process of yacht ownership starts with a needle and thread. Seeking the most rewarding option is finding tailored solutions that fit your lifestyle like a dream. We know that you are keen to embrace life on the open water. Such as, signing off those golden sunsets, waking early to the cry of the gulls. Or getting back to nature and cruising from port to port to uncover different cultures.

However, this part of the process can be complicated and frustrating and overwhelming. But this is not the time to compromise and rush; this is the time to take it slow, seek as much advice as possible. And also ask yourself a series of straight-up questions.

But knowing what you want is often a process of elimination and knowing what you don’t want.

In order to help you paint a clear picture of the tailored yacht ownership solution that YOU need, take a look at these questions to be considered…

Would you like to place your yacht in one destination or exploring different seasons around the world?

Choosing a charter ownership program or contracting a charter business to run charter management for your yacht, allows you not only to sail the waters where your boat is based. But also use what is called a syndicate or transferrable owners weeks so that you can sail other yachts in the fleet and explore different destinations.

For the charter ownership programs, some of these rights are limited and often constricted to points systems and categories of yacht models and seasons. It’s also worth knowing that the charter business will have fixed fees for changing and using other yachts in their fleet.

For the boat owner with a charter management program with an independent charter operator, the rights and flexibility are the owner’s prerogative. For instance, the owner could use his charter income to charter other yachts at other destinations, booking this himself or using a trusted partner to manage the bookings and planning the trip.

Is it then a significant factor where you place your yacht?

Well, to put it simply: Because the charter ownership programs will almost always be restrictive. Not only in terms of where the boat is placed for the charter program offered to you. But also the number of years you are locked into the program.

With a tailored yacht charter management program, you are free to choose the starting point and also change location and charter operator when you desire. With a trusted partner that can manage this for you, you will be able to explore your preferred sailing grounds with your yacht and also take advantage of more favourable charter markets to optimize your charter investment ownership.

Note, that it’s up to the charter operator to convince you to stay and thus the pressure will be on them to perform to the standards and numbers that you have projected and expected in your agreement with the operator.

What type of contracts can you expect when entering the different programs?

1. Charter Ownership Programs

Charter Ownership Programmes sound simple, but the financial arrangements behind them are usually very complex. Therefore, contracts and agreements should make the financial arrangements explicit. In most cases though, the buyer only takes ownership at the end of the program so the rights and responsibilities of the buyer during the contract should be clear.

2. Charter Management Programs

Due to the tailored nature of many Charter Management Programs, there is an extremely wide variation in terms. So the biggest areas to consider are Charter Operations & Maintenances Support. Who is responsible for what activities eg cleaning before and after a charter, handovers, fixing minor faults, replacing lost items and consumables as well as arranging and paying for regular maintenance.

To summarize, the biggest difference between traditional yacht charter ownership program and tailored yacht charter management program are:

1.) Income in money and points

2.) Restricted choice in yacht types

3.) Investment in a charter program

1.) Income, 100% real money

2.) Free choice in yacht type

3.) You invest in your yacht, not a program

What can you expect when entering a Yacht Charter Management Program with Yacht-Match?

100% what you want & need

The bigger companies that offer these standardized programs (i.e: Navigare yachting, Dream Yacht Charter, Moorings and Sunsail) usually have programs and forms of investment where they have predetermined the terms and what is actually best for them (ie the charter company) Leaving you with little or no chance to change anything.

With Yacht-Match you’ll be provided with customized solutions for owning a yacht in charter. Our yacht charter management programs are also deliberately set up with the intention to define all the details and the yacht’s specifications according to your preferences, right from the beginning. It will be ideally configured and matched with our network of niche and premium charter operators around the world.

Receive a comprehensive portfolio of matching offers & solutions

Create unmatched offers & outperform traditional charter ownership & management programs. Having a dedicated expert to optimize and secure unique yacht offers and management extends our assignment and commitment. Therefore, it requires ongoing investigative consultancy. The result: you gain access to the full range of possibilities.

Unbiased advice and consultancy- Access to comparison tools and financing options

Your Boat – Your Preferences: not a program nor scheme. You’ll get a wider perspective. Become equipped with our unique comparison tools and financing options as well as get access to the best deals on the market. We will also compare existing offers from the top charter operators offering a charter management program. And there after, either customize them or create new proposals to match your wishes. While you get to enjoy all the benefits of a tailored charter management.

Receive financing options

Optimal Investment: Become informed & empowered with the freedom of knowledge and choice. You will also get a wider perspective. You will be provided with our unique comparison tools and financing options, as well as getting access to the best deals on the market. We will compare existing offers from the top charter operators offering charter management and either customize them or create new proposals to match your wishes. While you get to enjoy all the benefits of a tailored charter management.

Exclusive access to the top charter operators and marinas worldwide

Yacht-Match is building a network of premier charter operators that are based in the most sought-after sailing areas in the world. Currently, we have over 62 marinas and over 700 yachts in management. We call our partners Boutique Charter Operators. Each of them offers highly personal service and outstanding yacht maintenance.

Here’s an example of a Yacht-Match pre-tailored Charter Management Program!

The Yacht-Match Explorer program is a unique yacht charter ownership designed specifically for those planing to make their over-seas experience.  

The specification of the yacht and set up of the charter ownership is tailored towards your needs so you can enjoy the benefits of charter management, and at the same time, allow yourself the best possible preparation for blue ocean sailing and voyage. 

What makes the Explorer program unique?

The Explorer program is deliberately set-up with the intention to customise the yacht specification and ownership program from the beginning of the enquiry and proposal stage- ideally configured and matched with our network of niche and premium charter operators around the world.

So through Yacht-Match professional guidance, you will be informed and given recommended specifications for a yacht to be operated in charter and with a blue ocean package and extra equipment preparation.

The Yacht-Match network, with more than 62 bases around the world, allows you to chose from several starting points, and also access to charter operators that will be able to extend your charter management if you like to reenter the charter fleet after your big over-seas experience.

Explorer Program Details

The Explorer program is a bespoke charter management program. It’s configured to meet the requirements of a well prepared and correctly specified yacht to be operated in charter and managed by yourself in your blue ocean voyage. We also serve as your broker and dealer in selling the yacht and your professional unbiased consultant that will guide you through a proposed plan and offer you a range of options with a portfolio illustrating the suggested yachts, financing, and Explorer package with the correct matched charter management.

Finally, The Final Proposal and end offer will contain a correctly equipped and specified yacht; details of delivery & registration; details of the charter management and matching operators; financing options and a contingency plan for re-entering a charter fleet during the next maximum 10 years.

Intelligent Boat Ownership: Enhanced by Yacht-Match

  • 100% what you want & need: True best fit!
  • Create unmatched offers & outperform traditional charter ownership & management programs.
  • Your Boat – Your Preferences: not a program nor scheme
  • Optimal Investment: Become informed & empowered with the freedom of choice
  • More Options: +144 models & +60 destinations
  • Tailor Made: Customisable to your preferences
  • Specialist: +30 years expert knowledge
  • Boutique Charter Operators: Handpicked & top rated

So to give you an example, here are four yachts that can be found in our conventional programs and in charter management programs!

Solaris 50

This yacht is an example of the Yachts available for a tailored charter management program with Yacht-Match.

An impressive yacht to say the least and not one found in conventional charter programs.

Jeanneau 440

This yacht is an example of the Yachts commonly found in conventional charter management program.

– The Jeanneau SO 440 replaces the very popular 439 and is an improved model very popular in charter and ideal charter boat if you are after a safe bet.

Bali 4.1

This yacht is an example of the Yachts commonly found in conventional charter management programs.

– The Bali 4.1, 4.3 and the newer Bali Catspace, are ideal charter ownership investments as they are purposefully build for the market and very appreciacted with charter guests and with our operations as they are to handle and maintain.

Nautitech 40

This yacht is an example of the Yachts available for a tailored charter management program with Yacht-Match.

The Nautitech is ideal yacht for the owner that wants put that “sailing feeling” back into catamaran ownership.

The new and updated Nautitech 40 open version 2, is not sold through the conventional charter companies offering programs. The yacht is reserved for smaller and independent management where focus is on a high level of maintenance appreciated by the shipyard, the charter guests and ultimately the yacht owner (investor).

Yacht Match logo - Helps you to find the best charter ownership program

How can we offer advice and at what value?

We are a consultancy company giving you a better overview of the options and how to become better informed. With this information, we can tailor charter management for you and use our service to receive an improved version of the traditional charter ownership programmes one comes in contact with on the market.

You assign us to represent your interest; you are our principal. We don’t work for a specific partner nor a shipyard. Our independence ensures you receive a professional advisory and unbiased consultancy service at all times.

As well as representing the interest of our prospecting clients we also collaborate with our business colleagues and partners worldwide who will play an active part in contributing to the advice and publications, resulting in a balanced view of the unfolding events.

Sounds interesting? Fill out the form and we’ll set up a meeting for you!

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