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Would you like to find out what is truly possible when you combine +30 years of experience and expertise in yacht charter management with the top rated charter operators?

Our Goal

Unmatched offers

Advice & Consultancy

Boutique Charter


Whether you are new to yacht charter ownership or a seasoned investor, our goal is to give you a comprehensive overview of the possibilities in the charter management market. You will become informed and empowered, while having the freedom to choose.

Informed & Empowered

Charter Management

We guide you through the entire purchasing process and open the market. You get a wider perspective.


Thanks to our unique position in the market and our partner network, we can use the business intelligence to create unmatched offers and customised investment options that match your needs better than traditional charter programs.

Create unmatched offers

Unmatched Offers

You will gain access to great deals and become equipped with the best comparison tools and financing options


We guide you through the entire purchasing process and benchmark the market. You get a wider perspective and become equipped with our unique comparison tools and financing options. In addition, you get the best deals on the market.

Unbiased advice & consultancy

Comparison and Financing

Receive a portfolio of options and benchmarked proposals to help you make the right decision


We form an exclusive partnership with selected charter operators in the most sought-after sailing areas in the world. We have in total +62 marinas and +700 yachts in management. Each of our partners offer a niche quality and superior service in their region. We call them Boutique Charter Operators.

Premier ratings

Charter Operators

Get the best introduction to your new lifestyle with our Try and Buy.

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We are the expert you are looking for!

Years of experience in the industry and passion for sailing, traveling and helping others to fulfil their dreams. These are the reasons why we started Yacht-Match. Our mission is to inform you about the possibilities in yacht charter and to find the ideal solution that matches your needs.

​What Do We Offer?

Yacht-Match is specialised in yacht charter ownership and management. Together with our partner network, we provide tailored solutions that match your preferences. First time investing in a yacht? Know the tricks of the trade? We give expert advice and guide you all the way through!

Try & Buy

Try & Buy

Get a taste of sailing the yacht, see the marina and learn more about the operations. Is there a better introduction to your new lifestyle?

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Information platform

Information Platform

Wondering if it’s worth investing in a yacht? What is the best destination to charter a yacht? What is yacht ownership all about? We have all the answers!

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VIP Subscriber

VIP Subscriber

Receive extensive guides, detailed reviews and limited offers. Get invited to webinars, personal viewings and boat shows. As a VIP subscriber, you simply get more.

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Tailored Yacht Charter

Tailored Yacht Charter

Design your own sailing experience! We have boutique charter operators as partners around the world. You choose the yacht and destination, we match it with the operator that best suits you.

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Yacht-Match Tailored Ownership

Yacht-Match Tailored Ownership

There are as many ways to own a yacht as there are owners – at least there should be. That’s why we created Yacht-Match Consultancy. Professional and unbiased guidance to secure the best possible investment for you.

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B2B Sales & Marketing Partner

B2B Sales & Marketing Partner

Interested in becoming part of our Yacht-Match network? Great! Let’s see what we can do for each other.

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​Your personal consultant and dedicated partner

Professional Consultancy & Yacht Sales

Yacht-Match provides custom solutions to own a yacht in charter – we are unbiased and guide you from start to finish. 

Top Opportunities

We provide tailored charter ownership from a wide range of sailing yachts, catamarans and motor boats from the renowned yards.

Latest News

Get updates and the latest news from the boat and yacht charter industry! News articles and top stories from around the world.

Sail in the most beautiful places

Enjoy the warm waters and exceptional service. We are proud to present our worldwide destinations in the most sought-after sailing areas. 

Meet the Yacht-Match team!

Come and meet us at selected boat shows and events around the world. Book a Meeting to hear more about the Yacht-Match concept and our services. 

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